Thursday, July 3, 2014


I love summer vacation.
It's basically this big two-month block of time that school throws at you and says "Here! Have this ridiculous amount of free time, it's on us!"

The experience leading up to summer vacation is a lot like online shopping when you order an particularly large package filled with clothes and food and whatever else you wanted. You relentlessly track it online as it moves from USPS station to USPS station across the country, waiting and waiting for it to finally be here. (Unless you have Amazon Prime, in which case you get two-day priority shipping, you lucky dog)
But when it's finally here, it is amazing.

I love the freedom of summer too.
During the summer I can either spend a day at the beach or go out and be productive or hang out with friends, or I can sit at home binge watching Gossip Girl and bad rom coms while eating Ben & Jerry's.
And nobody can judge me for it because that's what summer is all about.