Thursday, November 25, 2010


This day is my favorite day of the year.
Today I have an excuse to eat whatever I want, and not look like a fattie.
Today I'm allowed to sleep in and get fattened.

But there's a minor problem this time.
For the first time, my mom has decided to take initiative and roast our very own turkey. We normally slack off and go out to eat.
We "brined" it by sticking it the poor, raw turkey into a bucket and putting it in our garage. (It wouldn't fit in our fridge)
And right now it's sitting in the oven.

I smell something burning... <3 Fi

P.S Happy turkey day everyone! If you're a vegetarian, well, happy pecan pie day? x]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

stop it.

The word "sexy" needs to stop being everywhere.
Everywhere I go, it seems to be following me like the stray cat in our neighborhood. No joke.
And that word is fine, if you're trying to advertise underwear or clothing or something. But stop using it for stupid things unrelated to it.

Buy our sexy plasma TV.
This lamp will make your room sexy.
This sexy electronic device now features a larger screen and a brighter LCD light.

Use adjectives. That's what they're there for.
To describe a noun.
Sexy shouldn't be the only word in your small little limited-thinking-brain. 
If it is..
Well then you're just some stupid pervert who needs to get a life. (: 

Have a nice day. <3 Fi

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today was picture retakes. And the funny thing is, was that you could tell who was going and who wasn't. The ones who were had nice clothes on, perfect hair, and nice shoes.
The ones who weren't, were dressed normally, with messed up hair, sweatpants, and a hoodie.
It was amusing, walking around seeing half the school dressed like they were going to meet the President and other half looking like they were hobos looking for food.
Ahaha. (:

My swim coach has a skype.
Since she won't be at the practice today, we're going to video chat with her on the computer. So we're pretty much going to project it on the wall, and there will be a big Coach-face on the wall. Somehow, I find that amusing.

I'm feeling so worn out. Swimming is hard. School is hard. Falling asleep is hard. Studying is hard. Applying for a private school is hard.
But as I start feeling down, my dad always happens to walk by my room singing Billionaire. The one by Travie McCoy or whoever.
He loves that song. x] But he can't sing. Oh goodness.

I know I'm being dry, and gross, and you all are probably going to unfollow me. :(
Bahaha. Even nerds have their bad days.
I'll feel better soon.
Gah, I need to stop being filled with self-pity.
And I need to think of something better to write about.

-screams into a pillow-

Ok, I'm good.

<3 Fi

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ignore this?

I have nothing to say.
Nothing's new.
Nothing's interesting. 

Which reminds me, how much I miss being little. There was nothing to worry about, no big tests, no paying taxes and nothing.
Why the hell did I want to grow up?
I should have been like Peter Pan and sprinkled that pixie dust or whatever Tinkerbell had all over me. I should have SWAM in that stuff. Then I could fly and never grow up.

Screw maturity.

I think when I was little, if I could describe my life in a landscape, it would be something like this. 
Look at the pretty birds!
Now, it would be like,

No water for you!
Ha, I feel so pessimistic. I don't think I got enough sleep last night. Too busy cramming. Earg.

Ignore this post. <3 Fi

Monday, November 8, 2010

oh the joys of self motivation.

Lately, I've been having a little trouble staying on task whenever I'm near my computer.
I get these sudden urges to go and surf the web instead of doing work.
For example, I'd rather watch some stupid video of a dog on a treadmill than finish my science lab.

So, fed up with myself, I found a solution. I put sticky notes on my computer.

They work like a charm. <3 Fi

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a tip for texbook cover designers.

Don't ever feature a smiling kid on the cover.
Actually, avoid any pictures of people on it.

First, let me ask you.
Do you like studying? 

Your answer is undoubtedly a strong NO. The truth: Everybody hates studying.
And anyone who says they enjoy it, is either...
a) Trying to sound smart
b) Someone who has absolutely no life

Moving on, please imagine this situation.
It's almost 12 in the morning, and you have a big test tomorrow. You forgot about it, and suddenly realized that the test WAS TOMORROW.
You freak out.
So, you sit down at your desk. And take a few deep breaths.
And start to study.
You have your glasses on like a good kid, perfectly sharpened #2 pencil in hand, and textbook flipped open on your desk.
For the first hour everything is going fine. You're cramming Latin words in your head, memorizing statistics, and reciting all the countries in the Northern Hemisphere like a hyperactive-overdosed-on-coffee machine.
But then, suddenly you snap. It might be caused from the overload of caffeine in your bloodstream, one complicated equation, or a entire page of nonstop text. 
You're pissed off.

So you look around for someone or something to take your anger out at.
You look for your parents, but they're already dreaming blissful dreams of their adorable child graduating from Harvard and curing cancer.
You look in the fridge, but close it because there's nothing to eat.
You look at your fish, then think about the salmon you ate for dinner and feel bad for your sorry little goldfish swimming in your sorry little tank.
There's nothing you can do with your anger.

Then you look at your textbook. You close it angrily and stare at the awful thing that is causing so much pain in misery in your life.

Note: I have nothing against the actual content of this. Just the cover. (:

Your eyes focus on the smiling face on the cover.
Suddenly, you're consumed by rage directed at the person on it.


All common sense have flown from your mind, and you end up sitting at your desk filled with uncontrollable hate at this person on your textbook.

What the person did was unforgivable. Smile at your pain? INTOLERABLE.
You resolve to hunt him/her down.
You will not be calm until he/she suffers the same torture that you did.


So, textbook designers, please don't put people on your covers.
Do you need an example?

This is probably the MOST straightforward cover I have ever seen. And it works. Kudos to Sparknotes.

So for safety of yourself and others, do not put people on your covers. Thank you. <3 Fi

Monday, November 1, 2010


Every single time, I see this, I cry like a little girl.
And I apologize in advance for getting cheesy on you all.

Even as I'm typing this in the pitiful Blogger box, fat tears are rolling down my cheeks. It's just so beautiful...
I know that most of you have heard of this before.
And I know that it's only November.
But quite frankly, I don't care.
... so ha.

*watches it again* .... *starts crying again* <3 Fi