Saturday, April 30, 2011

fame, doin' it for the fame.

When I die, I want to know that I'll be remembered.
In a good way though.
Not in an evil dictator way.

But wouldn't that be awful? Knowing that the next few generations are going to burn pictures of you even after you're gone.
That's a morbid thought.
Let's move on.

Fame was never something that really appealed to me.
I never could see what was so attractive about paparazzi creating stories about who you're dating, what sandwich you like to eat and the type of toilet paper you prefer.
And when you make a mistake, BAM, your career's over.
Actually, you don't even have to make a mistake to ruin everything.
It could be something as simple as a smile to your boss, which would cause headlines about how you're seducing him to work your way up the food chain.

I think that's so twisted.
And I never want to get involved with that.

I want to live a happy life, do something important, and then die surrounded by the people I love.
And people would remember me, but not in a Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr way.
But where my name jogs their memory, and they can vaguely remember how I did something really important.
Like saving a species of pygmy elephants or something.

** Not sure if you've noticed, but the post title was from GaGa's song The Fame. Heh.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we need more nice people in the world.

It makes me so happy whenever strangers smile at me.
Not a creepy I-watch-you-sleep-at-night smile, but at genuine one, like they really care about you.

I think that's amazing.

I was having a really bad day today.
And as I was walking home, the mailman waved and said hi to me.
That simple little thing made me so happy and gave me the courage to continue on with a positive attitude.

So now, whenever I can, I'm going to smile at strangers.
In an attempt to brighten their day too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the vacation.

I just got back from a five hour overnight flight.
And I'm so tired.
But being the hardcore blogger I am, I'm going to make a post about my vacation before I go get some Advil.
Just kidding. I'm not that weird.
I already had Tylenol, and I'm not going to overdose because that would mess up my kidneys and I want to have two of them when I die.

Our plane landed in Las Vegas on Friday. At three in the morning.
And the term "Vegas never sleeps" is so true.
It's ridiculous how much energy people have.
There were hundreds of people on the streets, and the music was SO LOUD.
But the buildings were really amazing.
The hotel we stayed in was shaped like a giant pyramid.

The sides of all the hotel rooms were at a slant with a big wall-to-wall window.
If you look closely at the picture, you can see the all the individual ones.
Together, it makes the big pyramid shape.
And in the center, there's a big casino.
Typical Las Vegas.

On Friday afternoon, we went to see the Hoover Dam. Which was essentially a huge wall of cement.

We also took a look at all the generators below. 
Which pretty much provides all the energy Vegas needs to function. 

Finally, we went to Grand Canyon.
Which was a five hour drive through the desert.
How fun.

But it was breathtaking.
It was like I was living in a postcard. It was just miles and miles of these amazing structures of rock.
** Click on the picture to enlarge.

After a few hours, we packed up and went home.
And here I am.

Have a great Easter! 
Eat lots of junk food.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we're going on a vacation.

Tomorrow, we're flying out to Vegas, and driving to the Grand Canyon.
Which is going to pretty cool.

I'm actually scared about going to Vegas. Because from what I've heard, everything there is casinos, gambling, and more casinos.
There was this one news article I read about how this guy drove around with a stripper dancing on the back of his car. As an advertisement for his bar or something. 
But the police had to stop him, because it was distracting the other drivers, since it kept their eyes off the road. There were a lot of car crashes.

Aaaaah, Las Vegas.

I'll be back this Sunday.
I'll take some stellar pictures of old rock and post them here when I get back.
Because that's pretty much all the Grand Canyon's made up of. Old rock.

I'm so pumped for this trip.

Monday, April 18, 2011

i love spring break.

Spring break is probably the best time of the year.
Besides my birthday, which is coming in a few weeks.

I have an entire week of freedom.
Which I intend on using it to the full extent by sleeping-in like a rockstar.
All day, every day, any day.

God, I'm so lazy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

indirectly speaking.

My parents bought me a Fitness for Dummies book.
Not quite sure what they're trying to say.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i'm clearly not an infant. please get glasses.

I don't understand why people call other people "baby".
I get that it's a form of endearment. I do.

But out of all the words out there, can you find a better metaphor to describe me?
Because I really don't appreciate being compared to a pudgy infant that burps milk.
It gives my ego a beating. 

Babies aren't attractive.
They're cute in the oh look how fat his cheek is kind of way.
And I do hope that you're not friends with me because of the size of my cheeks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my science class.

Teacher:  So, H, according to Table 3.1, what gas has a lower density than oxygen at room temperature?
H: Um, oak?
Teacher: No H, oak is a type of wood.
H: So... water?


Monday, April 11, 2011

friends make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I made a friend today.
I forgot to ask his name, but he's my friend.
Because we had a conversation about how much we hate math.
In the library. While doing math homework.

I would say that I'm socially awkward, but that'd be contradicting myself, seeing that I just made a friend.

I used to think that talking to people was really hard.
I would just feel so awkward and obsess about how to not come across as annoying.
But now, I've just stopped caring.
And it's just so much easier.

On a side note, today our school had this little marathon thing.
I ran it like a boss.
Just kidding. I walked the whole thing.
But running was never my forte.
Because I intend on learning to drive when I'm older.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

my head is swimming with numbers.

I have awful memorization skills.
I'm a person who struggles with those matching card games. The ones where you put all the cards face down and try to match them up.
I could never do them. Ever.
Since I would always forget where all the cards were.

This really hurts when I'm studying for tests.
Because I can't remember any of the dates.
Right now, I'm trying to review my notes for a History test on the Pre-Civil War period.
And I'm so frustrated because all the numbers in my head aren't lining up with the events.
The only date that I've got down in my head is my birthday.
And sometimes that gets fuzzy too.
Which only shows how much of an airhead I can be.

I apologize for taking this out on you guys.
I'm just not having a good week.
I think I could use a nap. Toodles.

Friday, April 8, 2011

100 is a lot of posts.

I've written 100 posts.

It's like when I was in elementary school and we would count how many days of school we had.
And when we reached day 100 we had a huge party. I remember the only reason I liked it was because there was a lot of food.

And in second grade, food was pretty much all that I lived for.
So yeah. 100th post. Alright.

I guess this makes me a pro at blogging. 
Just kidding. I'm a noob at heart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i love ice cream.

Ice cream has healing powers.
I feel like ice cream could cure cancer one day.
Not really, but it's amazing how much better you feel after eating it.

And ice cream is always there for you when you need it.
Waiting in the freezer next to the microwavable dinners, just waiting for you to have a bad day so it can cheer you up.

I'm not saying you should go on an ice cream binge.
Actually that's counter effective.
Because if you have a whole bucket, the only thing that's accomplished is you feeling like a pig. And when you're eating ice cream, you're looking for a positive boost of emotions.
Not one where you feel fat.
So when you're eating, you need to have that perfect amount.
One where you feel pleasantly full, but not chubby.

And if you have toppings, kudos to you. Toppings make everything better.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a cold.
Tylenol and cough drops won't make a dent in it.
I'm cranky.
And grumpy.
I hate being sick.

But, it made me happy when my friends came over to check on me.
Even though all they did was eat my food, I appreciated the thought.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Anyone get the Charlie Sheen reference?

Words cannot describe this.
So please allow me to have a moment and describe my blogging experience. Hang in with me and don't unsubscribe with disgust at my cheesy reminiscing.

I used to think that blogging was for people who had too much time. Or for people who couldn't do anything else but post pictures of their dog in the internet.
But last September, I decided to give it a go.
Mainly because I had too much time too.

My first posts were awful.
Don't read them.
But now I actually really enjoy blogging.
It's fun. (I can't believe I'm saying this.)

But I have to say that the only reason I'm still doing this is because people actually read it.
That boggles my mind and it makes me wonder if people have things better to do than read my opinion on flash mobs.
But it makes me feel special and loved, even though it's through a computer.
So thank you.

Okay, I'm done gushing.
Ew, Ashley, you're right. Gushing is such a gross word.

So here are the rules:

1.  Accept the award and thank the award-giver.
2. Award any deserving blogger that comes to mind.
3. Do the 'a picture from my camera' thing which you upload any random picture that you've taken from you/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

After much thought, I've decided to give this to Delaney.
She has this unique style of writing, and she talks about everything you can think of, from bonfires to eating habits.
Also, after every post, she has these postscripts that make you go "Aha! I never knew that!" It's cool.
I'm no good at shameless advertising, so please got take a look at her blog.
You won't regret it.


This was some conference room that I saw at a ski resort I went to.
And I took a picture of it.
Because "Ketchum" is Ash Ketchum's last name.
He's the main guy from Pokemon show with the Pikachu.
I'm a bit obsessed.

This was probably the longest post I've ever written. Wow.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

how i pack.

I'm probably the worst packer you'll ever meet.
If I need to go somewhere, I'll just roam around my house and toss in anything I think I'll need in a near distant future.

I seriously don't understand how people can pack outfits and manage to coordinate them perfectly. I have trouble folding all my clothes, much less finding them and wearing them at the right times.
I'm not going to dig ten layers of junk to find that one pair of sandals that look good with my jeans. I'm just not that kind of girl.

And don't get me started on the worthless things I bring with me.
When I'm on vacation, I've looked into my suitcase and found things that I never knew that I was in possession of.
I think I've been influenced too much by those survivor TV shows who are able to turn their old science textbook into a source of food.

I've even had a little fantasy of me saving my friends by brandishing my lint roller of death to take down a grizzly bear.
Don't judge.


I was tagged by Zaynab and Ashley, therefore I felt obligated to do this.
Because they're cool and stuff.

01. Food: Burritos. I love Mexican food.
02. Color: That purple/blue color, I believe it's called Indigo.
03. Animal: Narwhals.
04. Sports Team: Green Bay Packers.
05. Dessert: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.
06. Artist/Singer/Band: My Chemical Romance.
07. Pair of Shoes: My slippers. I wear them everywhere.
08. Outfit: Anything comfy. Ideally, my hoodie and a nice pair of jeans.
09. Skinny Jeans: I own a few.
10. Brand: I like Post-It notes?
11. Perfume: The closest thing I come to wearing perfume is my deodorant.
12. Accessory: My supah kewl watch.
13. City: I really want to visit Guam. Which is a country. Not a city. My bad.
14. Hobby: Sleeping.
15. Beauty Product: Lotion. Heh.
16. Snack: Granola with milk.
17. Holiday: Halloween. Because I'm that loser who still trick-or-treats.
18. Movie: Gladiator and Lord of the Rings.
19. Song: Friday. Just kidding. Um, I'll have to go with Memories.
20. Guilty Pleasure: Cough drops. Yum.

I don't feel like tagging anyone.
Because I'm lazy.
And because I just came back from skiing and I have this massive goggle tan.
Which means my entire face is tan, except for the skin around my eyes.
And I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it.
So yeah.
Do this if you want to.
Okay? Okay.