Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i'm back! (sort of)

Hi everyone, it's been a while!
Do you remember me? If you don't even know who I am, or are seeing this on your dashboard and wondering who I was and where I went, let me fill you in.

I'm Fiona.
I'm a bit of an introverted, awkward nerd.
I like using big words because it makes me sound smarter than I actually am. But don't worry, it's just the thesaurus talking.

And now where was I?
Inside a time warp I call,
The world of high school.
                                               (What you read just now was an excellent haiku. )

But all jokes aside, I've been extremely busy. 
College is a looming, dark cloud that is fast approaching and I realized that I needed to start doing more things out of school in order to get accepted into a good one.
And juggling everything is, in short, brutal.
Somehow, I've managed to get straight A's, but everything is getting increasingly more demanding.
Meaning, my schedule is getting tighter and tighter.
Meaning, the amount of time I can spend looking at cute videos of kittens and reading Socially Awkward Penguin is drastically decreasing.
I've been decreasing the procrastination, so that's helped.

So yeah.
That is my very long and elaborate excuse to why I haven't been posting.

Also, I don't have as much time as I'd like for bloghopping. Of course, I might be able to find some time in the weekends, but I do want to follow some new blogs.
It would help a lot if you could give the link(s) to your blog or a blog you think I should read. If you have a good blog, I'm sure that I would eventually find it, but a direct link would save some time. I won't follow each and every link I receive, but I WILL take a look and probably comment. 
I know this a bit selfish of me to ask for this, but please pardon it just this once! (:

Also, as a warning, I might disappear again for a while, but it's not because I've been eaten by a mythical creature, but my extreme workload has basically caught up to me.


Phil said...

I understand how busy things get in high school (I can barely find time to blog and I'm only in 10th grade-I've still got a year or two before that college rush). I'm glad that you haven't quit blogging altogether though.

Tela said...

i, too, understand high school and the pressures of college. glad you're back!

mayen said...

Oh yeah.. you left for awhile.. I mean in blogshere.. That's why i haven't seen an update on my blog roll til today. hehe.. I thought I've abandoned your blog because I haven't read a post from you like what I said on my email. hehe.. welcome back fiona..or at least for now.. haha..

RunningAMAK said...


Hazel said...

Aww it's really good to see you back, though I understand how hard it must be with the huge workload!

~BB~ said...

Glad you're back! Sr. year of high school can be crazy-busy. Just hang in there!

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

You're ALIVE! I missed you! D;

Fiona said...

Phil: I'm glad I came back. I forgot how therapeutic blogging is.

Tela: Thank you!

Mayen: I don't think I would abandon my blog for a long time. (:

Amak: And you're alive as well! :D

Hazel&BB&Jodie Ann: Thank you!

Rachel said...

oh yay you're back! I thought you died or something... :P

Anyway, I know how you feel. High school is tough. These days, I average at about two posts a month...

see you around :D