Monday, November 8, 2010

oh the joys of self motivation.

Lately, I've been having a little trouble staying on task whenever I'm near my computer.
I get these sudden urges to go and surf the web instead of doing work.
For example, I'd rather watch some stupid video of a dog on a treadmill than finish my science lab.

So, fed up with myself, I found a solution. I put sticky notes on my computer.

They work like a charm. <3 Fi


Oliver said...

HAHAHA. I think that could work.

I'm having that kind of trouble, too. I open the computer and start downloading something. I leave it turned on while I'm working on homework so when I'm done the download's finished as well. Sometimes I get tempted, though.

But really? If you want to get something done, stay away from the computer! =]

theVibeGirl said...

(The <3 was for that second sticky note.)