Saturday, November 20, 2010

stop it.

The word "sexy" needs to stop being everywhere.
Everywhere I go, it seems to be following me like the stray cat in our neighborhood. No joke.
And that word is fine, if you're trying to advertise underwear or clothing or something. But stop using it for stupid things unrelated to it.

Buy our sexy plasma TV.
This lamp will make your room sexy.
This sexy electronic device now features a larger screen and a brighter LCD light.

Use adjectives. That's what they're there for.
To describe a noun.
Sexy shouldn't be the only word in your small little limited-thinking-brain. 
If it is..
Well then you're just some stupid pervert who needs to get a life. (: 

Have a nice day. <3 Fi


Hanis. said...

I prefer gorgeous. xD
But yes, the word sexy is overused.

Kamila said...

hahahaha love it..! hi fiona.. i've been lost for quite some time.. but i'm back to read more of your post! <3

Fiona said...

@ Hanis: Gorgeous is such a pretty word. (:

@ Kamil: Thanks! :D