Thursday, November 25, 2010


This day is my favorite day of the year.
Today I have an excuse to eat whatever I want, and not look like a fattie.
Today I'm allowed to sleep in and get fattened.

But there's a minor problem this time.
For the first time, my mom has decided to take initiative and roast our very own turkey. We normally slack off and go out to eat.
We "brined" it by sticking it the poor, raw turkey into a bucket and putting it in our garage. (It wouldn't fit in our fridge)
And right now it's sitting in the oven.

I smell something burning... <3 Fi

P.S Happy turkey day everyone! If you're a vegetarian, well, happy pecan pie day? x]

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Kamila said...

weeeeeh happy thanksgiving too!!! fiona! :)