Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today was picture retakes. And the funny thing is, was that you could tell who was going and who wasn't. The ones who were had nice clothes on, perfect hair, and nice shoes.
The ones who weren't, were dressed normally, with messed up hair, sweatpants, and a hoodie.
It was amusing, walking around seeing half the school dressed like they were going to meet the President and other half looking like they were hobos looking for food.
Ahaha. (:

My swim coach has a skype.
Since she won't be at the practice today, we're going to video chat with her on the computer. So we're pretty much going to project it on the wall, and there will be a big Coach-face on the wall. Somehow, I find that amusing.

I'm feeling so worn out. Swimming is hard. School is hard. Falling asleep is hard. Studying is hard. Applying for a private school is hard.
But as I start feeling down, my dad always happens to walk by my room singing Billionaire. The one by Travie McCoy or whoever.
He loves that song. x] But he can't sing. Oh goodness.

I know I'm being dry, and gross, and you all are probably going to unfollow me. :(
Bahaha. Even nerds have their bad days.
I'll feel better soon.
Gah, I need to stop being filled with self-pity.
And I need to think of something better to write about.

-screams into a pillow-

Ok, I'm good.

<3 Fi

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Hanis. said...

My dad loves singing Hey Soul Sister. Well, whistle it more like it.