Sunday, February 6, 2011

the number 2 needs more attention.

I feel like this is such a misunderstood number.
Two is like #1's inferior twin.

He's kinda that guy who's always referred to as the "brother" or the "other twin". He's is never good enough because he's overshadowed by the number one.

When you win a silver medal, you don't get nearly as much recognition as you deserve. It's all about the gold. Because being #2 in the world is simply not good enough.

We all know about Micheal Phelps. But what would happen if he won eight silver medals instead of gold ones?
Nothing. Nobody would care.

Because people are too obsessive over being first.
My point? Appreciate those who are second. They did a good job too.

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iZaynab said...

- ______ - I'm always 2nd place in everything iDo.
> : D iLearned to move on & now iLove the number 3/7.
But yeah, its like win or lose. No one cares if you almost got that gold medal. :/