Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ladies, overdosing on perfume isn't cool.
It doesn't make you smell like roses, but like the air freshener in public bathrooms.

Orchestra concert tonight. Let's hope I don't fall of the stage or drop my music like last time.
Let's leave it at that. =]


livelovelyxx said...

Haha, agreeed. (: Not meaning to, like, "advertise", but I have zero followers, and you seem cool. Could you maybe at least check my blog out? Good luck at the concert, by the way. (:

Ashley said...

Blech, I hate when people do that. I'm not much a fan of being suffocated by someone's scent.

Good luck and have fun!

Kamila said...

I got traumatize of over spilling perfume on myself once..and never do it again..

Fiona said...

@livelove: I'll go check it out! [=
@Ashley: I know! I hate it when someone walks by and you get a faceful of scent. Bleargh.
@Kamil: I don't wear perfume.
Cause I'm scared that'll happen, ahaha.