Friday, February 11, 2011

a post about hoarding, flashlights and yogurt.

Here's an update on my life.
Because I feel like I don't talk about it enough.
I've started to worry that I'm going to get lost in the wilderness. Because I feel like it's really likely that I'm going to go into one of the few forests left in America and die there.
With this belief in mind, I've started to hoard non-perishable items and bring my crank-powered flashlight everywhere.
Here's a picture!
Oh look, there's a handy crank in the back! How convenient!
I know it's stupid, but I do it anyway.
I've obviously read too many wilderness-survival novels.
Yesterday, I wrote a phenomenal poem about bagels.

A warm aroma
Of freshly baked dough
Topped with cream cheese
A circle of happiness.

I would have made it a haiku, but I didn't know how many syllables each line was supposed to have and I was in history class at the time. Because that's what I do when I'm bored. I write poetry.
Since I'm super hardcore.
You know what else I do when I'm bored?
Draw pictures.
I named it Fiona's Fantastical Ferocious Fish.
 My math teacher played Justin Bieber music all this week.
Since he has that movie coming out.
And plus all the girls in our class begged him to.
My teachers are pretty hardcore too. =]
We've had a ridiculous amount of snow this winter.
I know I've already complained about this, but it's serious.
I haven't had a full week of school since the beginning of December because of snow days.
The snowbank at our house. The bike's there for comparison.
The snow's deeper than I am. So my dad thought it would be funny to completely bury me in snow.
I almost got hypothermia and died.
 I've been eating ridiculous amounts of yogurt lately.
I really like Chobani. That greek yogurt stuff.
It has a really subtle sour taste to it, which makes it really good.
I'm eating one right now. It's peach flavored.
Here's a picture of my desk.
Because I felt like taking one.
You can see the Chobani in the corner.


Ashley said...

Ugh, the amount of snow here is disgusting me. Non-university students have had so many snow days its rediculous. but as i'm not in school i guess i don't care.

that fish is awesome. and so are the crank flashlights. i get addicted to those.. once i start cranking i cant stop. =_=

and i LOVE your poem!

Kamila said...

Hahaha.. once I also had a flash light that you don't need to charge... and never ending supply of light... you'll just have to like pump a button on it..only the button broke..

I think Haiku is 5-7-5..or I'm wrong... I'm not really sure about it. and that is a ferocious fish..hahahahah :) awesome!

Fiona said...

@Ashley: I know! I'm so sick of snow. Actually, I'm sick of the color white in general. x]
I can't wait for summer.

@Kamil: Ahahaha, that's awful.
You have to pump a button? I've never heard of them... I NEED TO GET ONE. @_@