Thursday, July 7, 2011

... and that is why we wear helmets.

What people think is acceptable and what isn't never fails to confuse me.
People tell large people to go out and lose weight, but they still complain when they're on the treadmill next to them at the gym. In many states, first cousins are allowed to marry, but members of the same sex aren't.

And when I have my helmet on, I can't ride my bike halfway across town without being stared at.
I don't understand how the concept of bike helmets has become so ridiculously foreign that seeing a teenage girl wear one is like seeing a turtle outswim Micheal Phelps.

Why is this so weird?
I'm being safe.
So in case I fall and bash my head against the pavement, my helmet will protect my brains from spilling.
I apologize for that graphic image, but I felt it was necessary to prove my point.

And to all you adolescent boys who think riding your bike with no helmet is the coolest thing since sliced bread:
Have fun tripping over a rock, and ending up paralyzed for the rest of your life because you didn't want to wear a helmet. Because they're not "cool".

But I'm sure that paying thousands in medical bills for the rest of your life is cool too. Especially since it could have been all avoided with a cheap $10 biking helmet from Target.
Gosh, that's the coolest thing ever.


On a side note, (I know this is long overdue) but if you could vote for me as a Top Kid Blogger, it would mean the world to me.
If I had my way, every time someone voted, I would send a bouncing leprechaun their way armed with rainbows and a pot of gold.
But since I don't hoard leprechauns in my basement, nor do I have spare pots of gold, you'll have to settle with this small paragraph of thanks.
So, thank you for putting up with me. And for supporting me.
And for giving me all these warm sentimental feelings.

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Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

LOL. I don't wear a helmet when I ride my bike. No one I know does xD But I know I should. I just don't want to XD
And I voted for you :) You are very loved, Fiona. :D

JW said...

I never wore a helmet either though I'm thinking about it now. I need to work to make a living and a damaged brain isn't conducive to doing this :)

Myself said...

i hope you win!

cricketfreak said...

I voted for you. I love your blog.

Hazel said...

I think maybe those people were staring at you because they're not used to seeing teenagers being responsible enough to wear helmets.

No one likes to be stared at though so you'd think they wouldn't be so rude.

Natalie said...

i have heard of too many accidents that could have been avoided with helmets, but i still don't wear one. but i also never ride my bike, which may have something to do with that...

ZoeWrites said...

I voted for you! <3

Also, I think people need to stop staring at people who wear safe things because that will just make them self concious and want to take them off :/

Delilah said...

The government should make it compulsory with heavy fining for the too-cool-for-a-frikkin--helmet studs.
You ARE being responsible by wearing one.
Voted for you =)

Furree Katt said...

i used to wear a helmet back in the days when i owned a bike! it's always better to be safe than sorry.
i vote for you everyday :D ♥

Furree Katt said...

oh and i used to wear a helmet whilst rollerblading too. also the knee and elbow pads. once i didn't wear any and fell pretty badly and got cuts and scrapes on my elbows and knees. lesson learnt!

Luke said...

Voted. I flipping LOVE your Blog. Good luck!

Abigail Bunting said...

I ALWAYS wear a helmet- despite all the weird looks I get.I think I and my siblings are the ONLY teens who wear helmets in our town.

The Ginge said...

I'll do this for the leprachaun.
No gnomes.

ishashime said...

yes indeed, giving up safety for coolness or anything else is quite stupid.
and yep, voted! love you and your blog! :D

Rachel said...

This reminds me of the other day when I saw a man on a motorcycle wearing a ski helmet. Like, WTH? There are so many idiots out there...

By the way, I voted :)

mayen said...

yeah paying medical bills is really cool. Your not cool so keep wearing helmet. It does't hurt to be uncool. :)

anyway, I voted for you! more than once. :)

Fiona said...

Jodie: Ahaha, nobody I know wears a helmet either. But then I tell them that if they fall and their brains spill out, it's their loss. But you should wear one though! At least try to be VERY VERY careful. [:
And thanks for voting!

JW: Ahaha, you should! Being cool isn't worth it if your a damaged brain is involved.

Myself: Thank you! :D

Cricketfreak: Aww, thanks! <3

Hazel: That's so true. I don't think that teenagers EVER wear helmets. They're probably staring because they're so shocked.
I was probably their dinner conversation that night, ahaha.
Dad: lolwut?

Natalie: I ride my bike a lot, so I'm more prone to accidents. But I think everyone should wear one.

Zoe: Thank you! :D
THAT'S SO TRUE. I mean, wearing a helmet is a good thing. Stop peer pressuring me to take it off!

Delilah: I'm glad they made the no-texting-while-driving law, because it probably will prevent a lot of accidents.
And I think that if you're under 13 you have to wear one, but I'm not sure what happens if you're caught without one...

Furree: Exactly! When I was little, I had a helmet with bumblebees on it. [:
I never rollerbladed before, but all my friends who did wore the knee and elbow pads too
Thanks for voting!

Luke: Thank you! (:

Abigail: I hate people who give me weird looks. Ugh.
I mean, seriously. Move on.

Ginge: Hey, don't hate on the gnomes. They're pretty cool too. And they have cool beards.

Ishashime: I agree! & Thanks!

He must have looked ridiculous, ahaha. But I guess it's good he's wearing a helmet, but still.... LOL.

Mayen: I don't think bills in general are cool, but ones that can be avoided are especially uncool. (: And thank you!

Anonymous said...

You're totally right. I hate it when people stare at me for wearing a helmet!

iZaynab said...

Aha its true. Eventually you will get hurt.
iFind it so funny you tagged this " Turtles ". It's understandable somewhat.
But iVoted for you : D Congrats on it ~