Saturday, July 23, 2011

an ode to the elderly.

I love old people.

No, it's not some weird sexual fetish that I developed. You may think that comment wasn't necessary, but when I told some people that I love the elderly, this is exactly how they interpreted it.
This is either a common reaction, or I need to get new friends.
But either way, I want to avoid a misunderstanding.

There are some people that hate old people.
They complain that they have wrinkles, they're slow, bitter, and they talk too much.
But I think that makes them cute.

I love seeing elderly couples that hold hands.
You might call it weird or gross, but I think it's amazing that love can last for over fifty years.
And my inner-romantic hopes that one day, that would be me.

And have you ever talked to one of them?
Because they've seen so many years go by, their wisdom is just staggering. Every time my grandpa opens his mouth, I feel like I've gained a generation's worth of knowledge.

Finally, their wrinkles.
I don't know why people get plastic surgery to prevent them. I think they're beautiful.
Whenever they smile, I can't help but smile back.
It's like a Contagious Elderly Spirit of Joy.
The C.E.S.J for short.

So thank you, senior citizens.
Thank you for putting up with teenagers and kicking us off your lawn.
Because we deserve it.
And in fifty years I'll hopefully join you all, and we can all talk about meaningful topics to share an endless amount of wisdom gained from our lengthy lives.

Keep being awesome. 


Hazel said...

I love seeing elderly couples still holding hands etc. Like you said, it's lovely to imagine our own love lasting that long and being just as strong.

It's very sweet

cricketfreak said...

I love talking to my great-aunt about her childhood. It's like, an era gone by.

Dee said...

I also like talking to 'senior citizens'. I love hearing about the things that they did when they were younger and I also like looking at old photos.
It lets me imagine what it was like to be young back in the day. :)

Natalie said...

little old men will always have a special place in my heart :)

JW said...

This is so sweet. As a photographer I've been told to seek out old people to take pictures of because they have more interesting faces. And you're so right about the wisdom.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

That is so immensely sweet of you, Fiona. :)

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Very sweet!
And I love old people :D <3 I love to talk to them. I love history so yeah. Heehee :D

iZaynab said...

iAgree ~
iReally loved this post though, your such a nice girl Fiona.
iCan only talk to them so long until things pop in my mind.
But their like amazing artifacts of wisdom & history.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I love oldies alot.
I don't have grandparents , all four of them died before I was old enough.

So I kindda miss company of the old. Watching their white heads, wrinkles, feeble bodies makes me think about all the years the have lived, the huge amount of experience they have.

Recently, I made friends with an old Lady in the park and I was about to post about it, until I saw your post.

I hate people of my age who hate their grandparents. I love oldies.

Hahaha, the last lines were funny. =D


Fiona said...

Hazel: I agree! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

Cricket: It must be amazing how different her childhood must have been.

Dee: Ahaha, that's so true.
There was this one old man I talked to who was a "bad boy" when he was a kid. I loved seeing his face light up when he talked about himself growing up. <3

Natalie: Same here (:

JW: They do have interesting faces, I agree.
After a while, the flawless faces of celebrities become the same.

BlogWriter: Thanks! :D

Jodie: History's my favorite subject too. [:

Zaynab: Awww thanks!
Ahaha, and that's true. Sometimes when I talk to them, they're so deep and informative, I only can handle small does at a time.

Hamza: I'm so sorry about your grandparents.
I volunteer at a hospital, so I'm constantly around old people. It amazes me how they remain so strong even though they're so old.

ishashime said...

ah yes, old people and grandparents are quite amazing and very very interesting indeed.
it's always fun to talk to them, although i remember as a kid i was rather annoyed at my late great grandma who kept forgetting my name every ten minutes. back then i thought she was just messing with me. ah, God bless her soul. :)

Tay Tay said...

I have a soft spot for old people. Like, even when I'm watching a movie, anyone/thing is allowed to die or get hurt except animals,children and old people - I have to cover my eyes or I burst into tears.

It's weird.

Frank Wackus said...

Thanks for liking old people! (I am one). I follow a number of young people whom I have known for years and am amazed at the things they are able to do and have the opportunity to do. Sometimes I wish I was young again - but then I say, no, I would not want to go through all of the pain and uncertainty of being young. I normally don't comment because most young people (I asked a couple in person, not on line) think it's just too creepy for an old man to comment on their lives. So, anyhow, thanks for liking us and I'll not bother you again - but I might look in to see how you are doing. Hope that is all right.PS - enjoy your young years - they are not repeated and there are so many things you can do.

Daniela Sordillo said...

Now, this is the sort of article I love reading!
You provide such a real experience and you connect with me on so many different levels, I feel like I'm reading my own mind!

People like you make the world turn around!
You keep being awesome!