Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i'm never eating pomegranates again.

Today, the first day of December, I was walking home from school.
And I was feeling pretty good.
So, I decided to treat myself to some pomegranate in the fridge.
Harmless, right?

As I took it out, I realized that aside from drinking a bottle of pomegranate juice, I have NEVER eaten one before. Ever.
But hey, that's ok.

So I wrestled the fruit onto a cutting board and started attacking it with a knife.
Opening it, I started digging out the seeds.
Red juice started flying around the kitchen, but I was intent on getting my share.
... and that was when my mother walked in.

Which was unfortunately a horrible time to make an entrance.
She saw her daughter with a bloody-red substance splattered on her face, hair and clothes, holding a knife, and with a murderous intent in her eyes, hacking at something that was squirting the red liquid everywhere.
I suppose it was quite traumatizing for her.

I'm sure that she will never be the same after that. <3 Fi

Note: Sorry for not updating as much as I used to. >_< Private school admissions are eating up my life. I'll start being more active after the deadlines. (:


theVibeGirl said...

Pomegranates are such rewarding challenges. :P

Sammu! said...

I've never had a pomegranate before... they sound great fun though ;)

Kamila said...

Hahah i know nothing about pomegranate, and i had the wrong spell of it when i tried to write it down..and even have the wrong pronunciation of it.. wew

Fiona said...

@Vibe: Agree agree. Pomegranates taste amazing. (:

@Sammu: Go eat one. Right now. They're almost as tasty as they are fun.

@Kamil: What can I say? It's a frustrating fruit? ;D