Saturday, January 15, 2011

boredom. [:

Three Ways I'm Still a Kid
1. I'm making a gum wrapper chain, and adding to it daily.
2. I have an obsession with unicorns.
3. Whenever we go to a playground, I'm the first on the swings.

Three Ways I'm Already Old
1. I knit. (Ahaha...)
2. I don't understand how to use any of those high-tech machines.
3. .... nothing else...
Three Things I Like About Myself
1. I'm honest.
2. I can sleep anywhere and at anytime.
3. I have neat handwriting. x]

Three Things I Hate About Myself
1. I'm allergic to peanuts.
2. I care too much about how people view me.
3. I can be extreemmeellyy negative.

Three of my Everyday Essentials
1. Gum (Preferably mint flavored.)
2. My iPod
3. Hairbrush

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now
1. I like you. But I'll probably never tell you.
2. You're hilarious and make people laugh. You're great.
3. I feel like you're a good person, but please stop gossiping. kthx.
4. Dude, wash your hair. It's greasy and disgusting.
5. Wearing baggy jeans and exposing your boxers isn't cool. Pull up your pants.
6. I've always wanted to tell you that I really liked you.
7. Since when have we stopped talking to each other?
8. Please stop wearing bright blue glittery eyeshadow.
9. You know, I really don't care what you say about me.
10. Thanks for being there for me.


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