Saturday, January 29, 2011

i hate reading lots of words.

Ever since I've graduated from elementary school, I've gotten a habit of skipping large paragraphs of text when I'm reading.
I always feel a little bit intimidated when I see line after line after line after line after line of words.
It's gotten to a point where I can't even read some books properly.
If I don't get into the book, I'll flip through a couple pages for an interesting part.

Then I got this English teacher in 7th grade.
Her tests were mainly based on the little details in the novel.
Like, some of her questions were like "What color was the protagonist's shirt in Chapter 12?"
You probably thinking I'm joking, but I'm not.
I failed English that year.

Also, because of my fear of paragraphs, I've gotten into a habit of making linebreaks at almost every period.
Have you noticed that?  Most of my posts don't have proper paragraphs.


And this is so hard to explain. I can't just go up to my teachers, and be like

"Hey, I hate reading paragraphs, so can I skip every few pages and only actually read half of the assigned book? Thanks!" 

This post probably makes no sense at all.
I just read this entire thing over, and I don't even get it.

And I wrote it myself.
Maybe this is another issue I need to look into.


Ashley said...

I do the same thing when reading books. I can't stand reading paragraphs of uninteresting details.

Although I usually write in paragraphs I think.

I didn't this time for your sake. You're welcome haha

Kamila said...

Not alone... Hahaha... Although this is not my best issue.. I usually fall asleep to any sight of bunch of words... and what I said is only applicable to books...

llama said...

heyy fi..? is that it? lol anyway my name is Liam in 15 from Australia. Just wanted to say dont feel too bad about your paragraph "creativity" line spacing or whatever.. i totally understand. Well.. sorta, im great at english but horrible at maths. Im in year 10 at high school and i feel as though my maths skills are thats of a year 8 student.. c-ya :)

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. Oh my god. I would die with those questions. My History teacher would give tests asking about the infos given in the tiny side " Do You Know?" sections throughout the chapters.

Like, that was crazy. Who the hell read those sections?

With paragraphs however, I can't skip for my own life. I have to read every single line. Crazy.

Fiona said...

@ Ashley: I didn’t really write in paragraphs.
They were in more of deformed clumps of words stuck together. =]

@ Kamila: Ahahaha, me too! And same with numbers! If I see a huge line of numbers and statistics, I blank out. Ugh. Math.

@ Liam: Hi Liam! Yeah, Fi or Fiona is fine.
You live in Australia! That’s awesome!
I’m awful at both english AND math. Science is more of my thing, ahaha.

@ Hanis: I never read those. That’s why I hate textbooks. Because there’s so many little sections, and so many words, and I can never relate the pictures to the text. I mean, does that picture of the farm relate to the paragraph over there, or over here?
Everything should just be in one orderly line.

Ivy said...

Thing xD
Oh, and thanks for the comment bwt ... no no no I mean btw xD
Nice to find another fan out there. And I half way agree about Black Parade being the best album. my favorite is probably Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
AND THEN Black Parade :D anways ... sry for clogging your comment box XD just wanted to say hi :P