Sunday, January 16, 2011

my secret obsession.

I love cooking shows.
I know how much I sound like a dork. Believe me I know.

Whenever I start talking about the Food Network instead of Family Guy or The Office, everyone looks at me like I'm some awkward kid that needs to go home.

I know it sounds stupid. Cooking shows? What's the point if you can't eat it?
I mean seriously.

But it makes me so thrilled to see all the people running around the kitchen, to see their dish get evaluated and watching the camera zoom in on the chef's sweat.
It's so great.

And the drama. (I know, drama in a cooking show? Whaaatttt?)
There was this episode of Iron Chef that involved some bald guy stealing all the onions from the food pantry and hiding them.
Because this other fat guy was making an onion dish from France or something and obviously needed onions to make it work out.
Which caused a lot of yelling between the bald guy and the fat guy.
Believe me. The drama in cooking shows could easily rival Jersey Shore.
I'm not even joking.

And have you seen the ones where they make these gimungo cakes?
I saw it with my friend one time, and I cried when a pair from Arkansas dropped their Dr. Seuss themed cake.
The show had all this melancholy music playing, and it was so sad.

I'm not a wimp.
You probably would have cried too.

Don't get me wrong. I love me some Glee, and some Simpsons and some Modern Family.
But cooking shows are incomparable to them.


Kamila said...

My mom loves iron chef..but know nothing about it.... You might wanna be a chef someday..

Fiona said...

Ahaha, I'm exactly like your mom. x]

I'm awful at cooking, so a chef isn't exactly a career choice I'm considering lol. But it would be a great job though. ^_^

Lovelycookies said...

People are giving you looks just beacuse you liek cooking shows? I got to say that is messed up, cooking shows are wayy better to watch the stuff like Family Guy where kids can learn inapporiate things from. Even though I got to admist Family Guy is pretty funny.

Lovelycookies said...

Btw how do you make your layout? I LOVE IT! and sorry about the typos above.