Saturday, January 8, 2011

yucky stuff.

All the little things that irk and annoy me.

1.) Waiters who stand around and watch you eat
2.) The awkward temperature where it's too hot for jeans but too cold for shorts
3.) People who eat ketchup with everything
4.) Unscented things that smell awful
5.) People who chew obnoxiously
6.) Tripping
7.) Bathroom music
8.) Saltshakers that make the salt come out fast, so when you wanted just a tad, you get an entire mountain of salt on your broccoli.
9.) Hearing Christmas carols a month after Christmas. It's not the holidays anymore. SO STOP.
10.) People who think that it's cool to be a total jerk to everyone. 
11.) Books that think it's interesting to keep the reader in the dark and not understand a word of what's going on until the author explains everything in the last two pages. I mean, by that time, I really don't care that Sally's a shape shifting bull and actually was the one who killed Jerry, when I didn't even know that Jerry died. (I don't really know how to explain this... Sorry for the awkward wording.)
12.) Pop songs that all sound the same.
13.) When my room gets really messy and I have to clean it.
14.) Being patient.
15.) Waking up with cold feet.

Oh the joys of positivity.

1 comment:

Kamila said...

Nyahaha... your funny. Well something that annoy me.. well.. one thing that annoy me is my Mom.. don't get me wrong I love my mom.. but when she starts shouting all over the place...and talking non stop... like an angry bull.. well... I don't know..sometimes I shut my self off..

and I know someone who eats ketchups with everything... hahaha