Wednesday, March 16, 2011

communication with my parents.

Parent: Fiona, are you doing drugs?
Me: No.
Parent: Fiona, do you watch porn?
Me: NO.
Parent: Fiona, are you sexually active?
Me: No.
Parent: Oh. Okay.

These daily check ups make me feel loved.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahhaha. The most I got from my parents on those topics was a book with pictures explaining sex and the body.

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL my parents don't ask me those questions. Haha! They just assume I'm not doing any of them(I'm not) and that they don't have to ask me.

Fiona said...

Ashley: Oh I got that book. From school.
Sex ed in fifth grade? Twas fun.

Jodie-Ann: Psh, my parents are watching too many movies where the teens are going crazy and partying and having sex.
Naturally they'd get super paranoid. =]

aakriti said...

Well mine to get paranoid by watching such movies too
Unfortunately they fail to realize that every teen is not like this...
But I know they care for me so when they ask these questions it's not like they do not trust you it just makes u realize that they are concerned and bothered about u.....
It took me a few of these talks to realize this:)
God I love my teenage years....

iZaynab said...

/ l a u g h
iAlways like with things like this.

Dad: Who keeps moving my shoes/contacts ~?!
Me: iDid. I'm sorry iJust love them so much iHad to take them & try them on.

Mom: Ehh, do you safely use the internet ~?
Me: Umm. Well if putting naked pictures of myself online is safe.

: P Win.