Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekly obsessions.

So, I'll start doing this too.
Since I'm that loser who follows what everyone else does.
Or because I'm that winner who can spot trends. Heh.

Fuzzy Socks:
I bought a pair of these purple and yellow fuzzy socks. And they have the little grippy things on the bottom.
Best. Things. Ever.

Panic! at the Disco:
Their new album, Vices and Virtues came out on 3/22/11. And it's all I've been listening to this past week.
This is my favorite song from the album. It's called Memories. Go take a look.

Naming Things:
I named my bassoon Louis. (Lou-ee: Like the French name)
I named by violin Sheila.
I named my favorite waterbottle Pablo.
And I named my Spanish binder Jake.

Grape Juice:
I drank way too much of this stuff.
I swear, if I keep going at this pace my pee will turn purple.
Too much information? Yikes, sorry about that.

Mint Gum:
I've had like twenty packs this week.  
It's come to the point that it's slightly unhealthy.

I'll try to do this every Sunday.
Alright, that's it for this week.


Anonymous said...

Woah, I have socks like that too. They make me feel 5 years old.

Haha purple pee.

Alison said...

I help you with your gum obsession by taking it away! ahaha

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha xD I'm actually really obsessed with orange juice. I've always been obsessed with it LOL!

Fiona said...

Ashley: Bah, never be ashamed of your socks. Your socks are the window to your SOOUULLL. x]

Alison: I need to stop you from taking my gum all the time, ahaha.

Jodie-Ann: Psh. Orange juice is a breakfast drink.
Grape juice can be drunk at any point of the day, therefore making it more hardcore.

Anonymous said...

OMG I looove those socks! Only we call them bed socks here ;) I have a purple and blue pair, and I bought my friend these ones that have half a frog on each one, so if you stick your feet together, it creates an image of one frog! I hope that made sense...

iZaynab said...

My comment just disappeared D':
Well, my sister has some fuzzy socks but their forbidden for me to wear ~

Rose said...

Hello :)
I named my bassoon, but it was so long i've forgetten her full name. I remember something about Begonia Bedpost, though. So that shall be her name.
My guitars name is Gertrude.