Friday, March 25, 2011


The fourth/last book of the Eragon series is coming out on November 2011.
I forget the entire plot up to that point, leaving me with a vague idea that it had to do with dragons.
But I really liked the series in fifth grade. 
Which pretty much means that I need reread the three books before I buy the last one to refresh myself on what's happening.
And they're all over 600 pages.
Meaning, by the time I'm done reading through them all, some loser would have already spoiled the entire plot of the fourth book.

Did I tell you that I was told that Dumbledore died when I was in line to buy the sixth book of Harry Potter?  So thank you, anonymous nine year old, for ruining my entire Harry Potter experience.

In general, I don't like series that drag on forever.
Especially those books that you think doesn't have a sequel.
And you think that it's great, with lots of suspense leading up to very end, and you think that everything is going to be explained,  and then it's all like,

HAHAHA! You thought you'd get a decent ending? Well, you're going to have to pay another $20 for another overpriced hardcover book coming out in June to find out what happens!

Are. You. Joking. ABVDKLJFDKNK.


Anonymous said...

You should read the Hunger Games, if you haven't yet. There's three books and they're all out, they're also currently being made into a movie. :D They're kind of my favourite (Harry Potter is my 2nd favourite)

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember liking the Eragon books too. Though I only have the first 2.
And that sucks so much that that dumb kid ruined your HP experience. I'd be livid.

Jodie-Ann said...

Ah, I hate what people spoil endings for me. I get so pissed. And, I never read the Eragon books. I just know that the author was 15 or something when he wrote it. So, yay for 15 year old authors :D (I plan to be an author some day and it pleases me to know that publishers don't judge based on age)

ashadashaa said...

p.s. do you mind if i write a post that coincides with yours? it just gave me a mad idea! you'll have a mention and EVERYFING

Fiona said...

BlondeOne: Yeah, I've read them. They were really good. =]
I can't wait to see how it's going to be turned into a movie.

Ashley: I was pretty mad too.
But I thought the kid was kidding. And then I was like OMFG HE WAS RIGHT, ahaha.

Jodie: I KNOW RIIIGGHHHHT. I hate how people think they're so funny when they spoil a book.
And it would be really cool to be an author.
You don't have to wake up early, and you pretty much laze around and write.

Ashadashaa: I don't mind.
Actually, I go read it now, ahaha.

Ivy said...

It's a love hate relationship with me and long series'. I love that they continue cause I always get sad when a book ends ... I know, I'm weird. But I hate how I forget what has happened in previous books. I could hardly focus in the last three Harry Potter books (which are probably the most important in the series) because I couldn't remember key details. So three book series' are the best for me. Like the Hunger Games. Which are amazing. I love them. They make me happy xD

Fiona said...

Ivy: I always get sad when a book ends. ESPECIALLY the ones with more books after it.
Because I know that I'm not even halfway done with the series. You're not weird, ahaha.

Three book series are the best, I agree. Long enough to be good, but short enough to not drag on and on.