Saturday, March 12, 2011

obesity vs kidnapping.

I want to exercise in the morning.
It's probably fueled by my new way of thinking that if I don't get off the couch and go work out, I'm not going to live till I'm fifty due to obesity.

But there's one issue.
I'm afraid of going outdoors in the morning by myself.
I'm fine on our treadmill, but once I'm outside, I'm always overtaken by the paranoia that a creepy man with a ski mask will lure me into a windowless white van and drive me to some abandoned parking lot 200 miles away.

So right now I'm deciding which is worse: being that fat kid people can't pass in hallways, or the possibility of being abducted by scary people.


Anonymous said...

Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from doing what you want to do. "What if"s just get in the way. And it's very unlikely a creepy guy in a ski mask will lure you in a scary white van anyway haha

Jenna said...

That is EXACTLY what I think when I think about exercising. Which is, by the way, right now.

I don't like running on treadmills because it just seems like a waste of energy to be running...on a place...when you could just go outside, breathe fresh air, and actually go somewhere. However, the thing about running outside is that people might kidnap you. I sympathize with you, I really do. I think about the exact same thing. Right now I can't go out and run because there is ice everywhere and I fear for my life if I slip while jogging, but as soon as it melts I will go outside. Grr. I've decided that I don't care if someone kidnaps me or shoots me dead in front of somebody else's lawn.

Just tell yourself: "What are the odds?"

Fiona said...

Ashley: That's probably the most inspirational thing somebody has every said to me.
And I've heard a lot of inspirational stuff. x]

Jenna: I agree! Treadmills seem so pointless.
I mean, sometimes I get in the mood where I'm imagining all the great places I'm running to, and then I open my eyes and I realize I'm in my basement.
So disappointing.

Alison said...

I'll run with you! how about thursday after school?

iZaynab said...

At first iWas thinking about how in the world these things can be compared.
But Oh. Forgot about the people who would do that.
Just run with a phone so they know you can call 911.