Friday, March 4, 2011

creative writing and my childhood.

Did you guys ever do a writing assignment when you were younger (Like first or second grade) and you had to extend a certain phrase into a story?
So basically, the phrase could be something like "The chicken..."
And then you'd extend it to a story involving chickens.

I was always really good at that.
Whenever we got this assignment, I would go way over-the-top and craft a novel that normally involved humans being eaten, flying things, and a Revolutionary War.
My teacher would never know how to respond to these.

Quite frankly, I think she was a little disturbed.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember writing any, but I can remember drawing Santa Clause Cats and Giraffe-Elephant-Humans as illustrations.. I would love to read your stories, they sound fantastic haha

7ladybugz said...

Oh I remember writing those stories :)
In fact two of those writing assignments of mine were published LOL
I love your style of writing and just wanted to stop by and tell you that :)

Fiona said...

Ashley: I wasn't good at illustrations, because all the good crayons were always taken by the older kids in my class.
So I had to use the stubby brown crayon, ahaha.
A Giraffe-Elephant-Human? That sounds pretty classy.

Ladybugz: Thank you! (=
And your writing was PUBLISHED? That's awesome! =]

Anonymous said...

My dad knows I like to write and everytime I see him he asks me what my URL is. There are just some things he can never know.

7Ladybugz: Wow! How did you get your work published?