Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i'm a bookworm and proud of it.

I freaking love the library.
At the one I go to, there's a huge bookshelf solely for the purpose of displaying books that are for sale.
And although it looks like a regurgitated mess of paper, they have tons of good ones in there.

They also cost a dollar per book.
A dollar per book.
And they're not old or water damaged either.
They look like they're almost new.
And they're a DOLLAR EACH.
I still can't get over it.

When you go to Barnes & Noble or Borders, an average paperback costs about 12 dollars.
At the library, I can buy 12 books for the price of one.
I feel like an endless amount of possibilities have just revealed themselves to me. 

I got eight books.
Including The Kite Runner and The Lovely Bones.
I've been wanting to read them for so long, but I could just never get my hands on a copy.
And now I own them.
Plus six other great books.

This is going to be a great summer.


Jodie-Ann said...

I'm a bookworm, too.
I'm so jealous! >:O

Anna said...

One dollar?! That's it?! I wish my library had that!
Oh, and it's insane how much paperback books cost in bookstores. The book is only like 200 pages, and yet they charge $15 for it?! Insanity.

Michelle said...

I loveloveloved The Kite Runner!! :)

JW said...

Ah, that's no fair! I wish the library here did that too. I cash in visa points for gift cards for Chapters. It's great to get books for free.

Hanis. said...

I'm so tempted to send you money to buy me books and send them to me.

~BB~ said...

$1/Book?? Jealous!! I love the way libraries smell :)...

Natalie said...

my friend is an english major and she buys books by the boatload. i think she would walk away with the whole collection if we lived near where there were dollar books like you!

ishashime said...

ohmygosh! how wonderful!
enjoy your summer of book-reading! :D

Fang said...

A dollar a book is incredibly cheap! Buy tons of them, and sell them off for 3 bucks each
(yeah, that's my economical me)

lifeslyrics28 said...

Ok, I am officially going to the library to see if they have the same thing at mine! Never read The Kite Runner, but The Lovely Bones was great.

thinkellen said...

I'm gonna brag now and say that the libraries where I live sell used books for fifty cents.


*sticks tongue out*


Hazel said...

That's completely awesome! You're so lucky coz I don't think the libraries do that other here :(

I've read The Lovely Bones - it's a great book

cricketfreak said...

The Kite Runner is AMAZING. I looove the author. Hahah I'm a bookworm too..:)

mayen said...

I am a bookworm too... yay 8 great books. enjoy reading them!

Furree Katt said...

this is so exciting! i love buying books, especially when they are at unbelievably cheap prices. i haven't read The Kite Runner or The Lovely Bones. :( i've seen TLB's movie, didn't like it much. but i'm sure the book will be good, since books are always better than movies :D

AZ said...

The kite runner is an absolutely wonderful book!! I saw the movie of the lovely bones and it was ok so the book is going to be great. Books are better than the movie version,period.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

wow thats awesome!!
I wanna go book-shopping now too :P
Happy Reading! :)

Dee said...

When I go to a second-hand bookstore just to browse, I generally walk out with 4 books. The books on my shelf are probably in total worth more than my laptop. Seriously. :)
And the library at the university that I attend is 2 stories and underground. How cool is that?

Myself said...

Both of those books are a GREAT read...I won't blame you if you forget blogging while you read 'em

Rachel said...

They have a similar program at my library. I like it a lot :)

nikkilolgrrl said...

Haha, i love books... And only one dollar? That is epic!

The Blonde One said...

That's awesome :D
At my library I'm in the book club there, and we get a free book every month. Which is really awesome as most of them are realllly good. And we can make suggestions too, so if we really want everyone else in the group to read a book, we'll get it for the next month. I convinced them all to read The Hunger Games, as it's my absolute favourite book series ever (you should read it if you havent) and now we're all so obbsesed with it, we made a board game (its intense) that we're having an actual event created to play it :D
Love books.

The Blonde One said...

btw, totally unrealated to this post, but I just thought you should know that the teletubby you have dancing on the bottom of this page was moving perfectly to the beat of katy perrys "firework" when i scrolled down.
kind of made my day :)

iZaynab said...

Don't we all love deals ~?

ShuShu said...

OMG a dollar a book? How awesome!! I don't even mind them being old. have fun! books are great!! So are cheap deals :P

Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: You should be jealous. [:

Anna: I know! I remember when paperbacks used to cost $5. Ahhh, those were the good times.

Michelle: I just finished it, and I LOVE it too!

JW: Oh, Visa does that? That's awesome!

Hanis: Ahahaha. :D

BB: I do too! All my friends say I'm weird, but I love that earthy book smell.

Natalie: I think all english majors have to buy a bunch of books, or else why would they major in that?

Ishashime: Thank you!

Fang: I was considering that, but I don't think it would be worth the hassle for just $2 profit. ;P

Lifeslyrics: I've heard The Lovely Bones was creepy, and I can't wait to read it.

Thinkellen: FIFTY CENTS? Whoah. That's awesome. You SHOULD brag about that, ahaha.

Hazel: Maybe you could take a look at used book stores? And garage sales always have good books. You just have to look hard for them.

Cricketfreak: I heard he wrote a second book that was really good.
Mayen: Bookworms <3 And thank you!

Furree: Buying books is my secret obsession. I love having them on my bookshelf and being able to reread them whenever I want. (: And yeah, books are always better than movies.

AZ: I heard that the movie for Water For Elephants was awful, but the book was really good. So it's probably like that for the Lovely Bones.

Harini: Ahaha, you should! And thank you!

Dee: Wow. You must have a lot of books. [:
And 2 stories? That's amazing. If I went to your university, I would practically LIVE at the library.

Myself: Ahaha, I kind of did!

Rachel: That's amazing! I like the program too.

Nikkilolgrrl: I love people who love books. <3

Blonde One: I've never really joined a book club because I feel like it's for old ladies. But hearing how you get free books, I'm tempted to go and join.
& I just listened to Firework and the teletubby does dance to it. LOL. I'm making a note of that down there.

iZaynab: Oh yes we do. (;

ShuShu: Books + Cheap Deals = Amazing. :D

Sabrina said...

Wow I want a library like that, too.

Teenage Philosophies said...

heyy!! i was wondering if maybe you could mention to check out my blog in one of your posts. I reallly really like your blog so i followed you! :)if you like my blog that is...


it would be AMAZING!

Fiona said...

Sabrina: Ahaha, maybe if you look around, you'll find one. [:

Teenage: Thank you! And I will take a look right away. :D

Isabella said...

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Eeshie said...


One. Dollar. Per. Book. One. Dollar. Per. Book. One. Dollar. Per. Book. One. Dollar. Per. Book.


But, um, yeah, ahem, I um, I'm totally not jealous. Er. Yeah.

Peas out :P

Anonymous said...

At my library, they usually sell books for 10 cents and they're in Pretty good condition.



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