Tuesday, June 7, 2011

impending doom.

One word. FINALS. 
I think I might cry.

I've been procrastinating all year, somehow hoping that if I closed my eyes long enough they would go away.
Well, they haven't.

And I know that I have to pass all my classes or else I won't get accepted to a good college and then I won't get accepted into a good law school and I'll end up flipping hamburgers at McDonald's until I die a miserable death.
So in other words, I'm screwed.

And instead of a written English final this year, the department decided to something a little "different". The concept is that we research an artist and then create a piece with the artist's stylistic traits.
Which means that I have paint a picture in order to pass English.

So today, I did some research and chose Kandinsky. He's basically this guy who quit law school to paint and eventually married his cousin. 
I picked him because he did abstract art which mainly consisted of circles.
He also used oil paints.

We're supposed to use the same materials our artists used to make things more realistic.
I wanted to use my Crayola washable paint from fifth grade, but when I asked if I could use it, my teacher gave me the stink eye.
And I assumed that equated to a no.

Which means I have to go out and buy some expensive canvas and then go buy some more expensive oil paints and then go buy some expensive paintbrush.
And then I have to go home and then draw some circles and hope it looks like a masterpiece.
And knowing my artistic ability, it won't.

Also, because of finals I won't be posting as much as I've used to.
And I'll probably be too busy oil painting circles to get on the computer anyway.

But if it doesn't turn out too bad, I'll take a picture of it and post it here. So you can enjoy my hard work.
You're welcome.


iZaynab said...

& iThought my finals were bad.
For English were just doing a play and essay.
{ The worst is getting stuck with a slacker ~ }
iThink your gonna own it though. Good Luck with your finals ♥

Natalie said...

too bad we're not friends in "real life" because i would be able to save you from having to spend all that money on expensive stuff because I pretty much have all of it.

my advice however? shop at michael's. use 40% off coupons. Artist's Loft brand canvases are pretty cheap and okay quality. plus, you don't have to gesso them because they're already primed and ready to use.

Where paints are concerned, get the water-soluble oil paints. (Winsor & Newton tm Artisan tm is the brand that you want) You can clean them up with water instead of having to buy yet another product to get the oil paint out of your brushes. And i believe they are cheaper than 'real' oil paints as well.

good luck on all your finals though! you can do it!

Fang said...

Making a painting... to pass English? What the hell... Seriously, what does that have to do with the subject? Okay, maybe English art history, but that's all.

Hazel said...

That's kinda ridiculous having to paint a picture for an English exam! All I had to do was answer three questions and then write a short story!

Furree Katt said...

so weird that you have to paint something :O i would really freak out if i were in your position.
but i suppose circles are better than some fail-Mona-Lisa-painting. i pity the one who chose Leonardo Da Vinci.

you can do it, i'm rooting for you!

Lioness Without A Pride said...

That's so weird. That you have to paint something to pass English.
I've heard of Kandinsky. In some book, I read about him, I guess.
Good luck for finals!

InnocentlyGreen said...

That is so weird. So everyone that isn't talented at painting would just fail the class? I'm so glad I haven't been to your school lol

Good luck :)

The Blonde One said...

I'll trade you! :D I'd much prefer painting a picture to writing and essay.
That sounds like something our school should so, since I go to an arts school and all.
Your finals tend to sound a lot harder than our exams in Canada... we get off easy :)
Heck, I don't even remember studying for an exam last year.... maybe science and math... but that's about it.

ZoeWrites said...

Good luck in your finals! I'm sure you will do well and you won't be flipping burgers! You will lead a goo life! You're awesome enough to!
BTW, I gave you a little shout out on my blog for being awesome!

Hannah Marie said...

good luck! finals are the worst :( but when you're done it feels so awesome cause you're freeee!!! :D

The Blog Writer said...

Why am I certain that you'll do good? :)

Rachel said...

Today was my exam return day, so its all over for me :)

As for your english project, I don't even know what I'd do. I'm a much better writer than I am a painter :D

Good luck on your finals!

ishashime said...

ah, the dreaded finals. i'm sure you'll pull through. on the other hand, if you don't and you get to work at Mickey D's, you get free fries every day! :D haha. i'm kidding.

ooooh! i wanna see the final product of this little assigned project of yours. good luck on that. :)

~BB~ said...

It never fails - when finals roll around - I have a crying breakdown! I feel ya! But don't worry - I'm sure you will get into a good college! Please post your masterpiece - I would love to see it!

Jodie-Ann said...

Thank sucks D;
If I had to do that for final exams, I'D FAILL!!! D;

thinkellen said...

Wooowwww I <3 your English teacher. This assignment sounds awesome!

A couple months ago I decided I was going to try oil painting. I got all the stuff and started off, and it was starting to look pretty good!

It was also an excellent way to procrastinate schoolwork.

Unfortunately, ever since school finished I've been procrastinating painting by doing other things (like blogging.) It hasn't changed at all in 6 weeks. =[

Phil and Ted said...

Yes, I am not looking forward to finals. Oh, well. I have an idea of how to make it into a series of blog posts, so at least I'll have something to write about. I also created an interactive quiz on my blog about finals, to see how long you could last. I hope I can last through all my finals.

- Phil

Fiona said...

iZaynab: Finals are bad for everyone, it's just mine are more... creative than everyone else.
And I hate getting that one person in your group who won't do ANYTHING AT ALL. So aggravating.

Natalie: I wish we were, ahahaha
And I took your advice and went to micheals, and I only spent 14 dollars on supplies.
The water soluble oil tip helped a bunch too.
Thank you so much! :D

Fang: I really don't see the relevance either.

Hazel: Oh, lucky you.
I like writing short stories. [:

Furree Katt: I am freaking out ahaha.
And I would never choose someone ridiculously famous like Da Vinci, because everyone's expectations would be higher.
& thank you for your support. :D

Lioness: I know, it's the weirdest thing I've ever done.
And thank you!

Blonde One: I'm jealous of your art talent, because I don't have any.
Maybe I should move to Canada, ahaha. I heard that there's moose there. (:

ZoeWrites: I hope I won't flip burgers, ahaha. [:
And thank you for the shout out. It made my day. <3

Hannah Marie: I know! After finals is the summer, and then I'm FREEEEE!

The Blog Writer: Thank you! :D

Rachel: You have it all on one day? That must be stressful.
Thank you!

Ishashime: I would rather work at Ben & Jerry's and get free ice cream. x]
And I will post a picture when I'm done, don't worry.

BB: Finals are probably the most stressful thing I ever have to do each year. AVBDLFJDK.
And I'll post my magnificent masterpiece when I'm done.

Jodie-Ann: Psh, no you wouldn't.
You'd probably pick some weird abstract artist who painted dots. :D

Thinkellen: Ahaha, I'm glad you think that way. But for me, I'm more of a writing person. Me and art doesn't mix.
But that oil painting sounds awesome. Be sure to post a picture when you're done!

Phil and Ted: I'm going to take that quiz now.
I'd probably last about two hours, ahaha.

Foxyblur said...

About finals, just wait until law school! Those finals are like running uphill, in sand, during a tornado while trying to tie a cherry stem in a knot in your mouth. Ahh fun times. :)

Good luck!

The Blonde One said...

Haha, I have yet to see a moose in all my sixteen years of living here. But you never know, maybe you'd be the lucky one? :)