Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I hate the need to be skinny.
I hate how people believe that in order to be pretty, you have to be morbidly underweight.
I hate it.

A few hundred years ago, being overweight was considered attractive. 
It was a sign that you had enough money to feed yourself.
Which isn't a problem now, so now the image of "pretty" is a skinny girl with thin legs and arms. 

Being too skinny makes people look scrawny, weak and unhealthy.
The reason why anyone would willingly choose to look like that, I have no idea.

The main thing I don't get is someone losing drastic amounts of weight to impress someone.
As in starving themselves to get a boy to look at her.
Why would anyone do that?
If you can't love yourself, how can you expect somebody else to?

I know that in your eyes, I'm probably just another teenager prattling on and on about my various beliefs and convictions.
But this is a topic something I will never change my mind on.

I understand that anorexia and other eating disorders are serious topics.
But I think that if you have the confidence in yourself, you can prevent these things from happening. You need to have the mental strength to ignore other people telling you what to do and what you should look like.

But weight loss can be healthy.
My dad is about sixty pounds overweight, and our family is worried about his health.
So we're trying to get him to eat healthier and we signed him up for a gym membership. This way, he can lose those pounds without starving himself.

My main point is that you shouldn't obsessively worry about your body image. Don't ever harm yourself in order to be what you think is perfect.
Because it's not worth it.

I'm 5'5, and I weigh 127 pounds.
I'm not underweight, nor am I overweight.
I'm happy about who I am, and I don't obsess over every bit of food I put in my mouth.
I no longer care how big my butt looks or how fat my thighs are.
I'm able to indulge on a bag of chips or an ice cream sundae without beating myself over it.
Because if someone chooses not to talk to me because of my size, then that person wouldn't be worth my time anyway.
And that person wouldn't be worth yours either.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I so agree with you!!
Not just is being really skinny unhealthy, but being morbidly underweight looks gross. I don't see why people would want to look like that when they can afford food!!
Great post and great blog!! I'm following you now!!
-- Jen

ZoeWrites said...

I totally agree with you. People with curves are better looking then just skin and bone... Hence why I'm trying to put on weight hehe :P
But, yes, I don't understand how being too skinny is attactive... When I look in the mirror I just stand there thinking "ew, what am I"
Shouldn't have to lose weight just to get attention!

Gabi said...

Good body image is good!

Myself said...

I agree!
Sometimes health is affected by the size of the body, but that only applies to overweight people.
I don't understand why people have to freak out about a normal sized body (and a normal size is not skinny!)

EAT whatever you like...before it runs out! lol :)

The Blonde One said...

I semi-agree.
I agree that being larger isn't wrong and is actually really pretty on some people. But I think you have to find your own healthy weight.
Me for instance, I'm a twig and I eat like a pig. Seriously, if I didn't have the metabolisim or genes that I have, I would be uber fat (and it wouldnt look nice). But I am trying to gain weight. I only way flipping 93 pounds. My goal is to be 100-110.
But I guess what I'm trying to say without writing a whole blog post in reply, is that for everyone it's different. Some people look good large, some people look good small. You just have to find the balance of where you look and feel healthiest and keep it there. Love yourself for yourself. Being skinny has as many issues as being large.

Anna said...

I completely agree! I honestly don't understood why, to some people, looking unhealthy is attractive. I mean, our goal shouldn't be to look as thin as possible, it should be to look healthy. I especially love the part when you say "Because if someone chooses not to talk to me because of my size, then that person wouldn't be worth my time anyway." So so so true!

I'm a new follower, and I'm so glad I found your blog. It really is awesome!

angela said...

It's good to not care about everything you put in your mouth. But it's also good to eat and stay healthy :D

thinkellen said...

Very true.

I met a guy several months ago (awesome guy, he's amazing) and in the get-to-know you stage we were texting back and forth and I happened to mention how I had eaten one too many cupcakes and felt icky.

(Genuinely icky, as in my-body-feels-gross-when-I-eat-too-much-sugar.)

He misinterpreted it as having to do with body image... and was really sweet and said I was beautiful. =] I did explain to him and assured him that I had no body image issues and not to worry. He said he was really glad for that, and that it made him sad when so many of his female friends would say things like that because they were fishing for assurances and felt bad about themselves.

So yeah. The best guys will not care and the sweet ones will reassure you, but they shouldn't have to do that. Society's image of beauty sucks. =[

Fang said...

If that one guy/your boyfriend can't accept you for who you are, he's most likely just not worth it.

lifeslyrics28 said...

You are absolutely right, girl. And you know what? You being a teen has nothing to do with it, your opinion is valid and rings true with what society expects of people today. Personally, I think if majority of the time you try to keep yourself healthy with exercise and healthy eating habits, then who the hell cares- cheat once in awhile- have some ice cream...have a nice big bowl and smile while you eat it! :)

Hazel said...

It's such a shame girls feel pressurised into being skinny. Especially since there are so many surveys out there that say guys prefer curvier girls. Though saying that, I did fancy a boy at school which resulted in me losing at least 2 stone in an attempt to "catch his eye". I wasn't unhealthy skinny thankfully, but yeah the guy so wasn't worth it.

InnocentlyGreen said...

127 pounds is NOT overweight, but 200 would be.
Depending on the body type, the metabolism, whether the person is active or passive and their health, everyone has their own perfect weight.

Some people are skinny without even trying, or they actually try to gain more weight but their metabolism is too fast. Others are obese and they barely eat anything, this can be cos of certain health problems.
I too think it's very wrong to 'request' everyone to be a similar size, whether that is very big or scary skinny.

Eating disorders do have a very bad impact these days and they cause lots of deaths.

As long as you live healthy, it shouldn't matter what the overall weight is. All you need is healthy food, 3 meals a day, have fast food removed from your meals entirely, do some exercise every day, drink a lot of liquids and stop thinking 'Fat' when you look into the mirror. When you feel good, you look good.

Hanis. said...

""Because if someone chooses not to talk to me because of my size, then that person wouldn't be worth my time anyway"

That will be my new motto. Alongside with my

"Everyone has their own definition of beauty. I'm not gonna change myself to fit into any, the definition will be the one that has to change"

I'm obese by the BMI's definition and some people, who should be the ones loving me no matter what, says it so too. But, the BMI is wrong. I'm working on losing some weight, mostly to just one day, rub it in some people's faces.

Love love love this post.

Jodie-Ann said...

I totally agree. And being skinny is boring anyway. I don't get why people want to be skinny. I am and I hate how I don't have a nice big round butt and bigger boobs.
I'd love to gain weight, but I don't. No matter how much I eat. (And trust me, I eat a lot)

Jodie-Ann said...
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ishashime said...

ah yes, the pressures of society. i've felt it ever since i was a little kid since i was always chubby/overweight and i was bullied constantly because of this fact. i became extremely self-conscious and practically lusted after the skinnier bodies of friends and peers. it became even worse when guys came into the picture and i became obsessed with the notion that they probably won't like me because i am fat, and in being fat, i was ugly.

today, i've been working to get into a nice, healthy shape and even though i'm slowly learning to accept myself, i'm still struggling with my insecurities.

and yes, this post was a nice breath of fresh air. i agree with it completely. :)

mayen said...

oh i love this post. I am chubby all my life or i think I am because that's how people describe me. When I look back to my old pictures, I can see that I was not chubby back then but during those times, in head i am chubby/fat because that's what people tell me. I was desperate to lose weight.I've tried everything until I get to tired of dieting and I finally give in. Now, I don't care. Whatever. Of course I will try to exercise because that's healthy but I can't just give up on chips, ice cream and all sweets you can think of.

I totally agree on everything you say!

Furree Katt said...

i think appearance doesn't matter as long as a person is healthy. i loved this post!

Natalie said...

I definitely agree with this post. plus when i see a super skinny girl (or guy) i always wonder how do their organs even fit in their body? *shrugs*

but i started college as a nutrition major because i think people should healthy, not too skinny and not too large because both are dangerous.

however, i think there is such a problem with girls wanting to be skinny because of the American culture and what our social media ads are showing us "beautiful" is. girls typically don't have body issues until they start paying attention to what's on TV, which is around the end of elementary school and middle school. it's going to take a revolution in order to change anybody's minds about how we should market goods.

Leah said...

Change is good. If you wanna change.. lose weight or gain weight, it's up to you. But do it for the right reasons.

You're so right about the society, considering the those skinny women are the most beautiful women out there.. I think it's the influence of the media. On TV, radio.. magazines.. all we see are beautiful sexy skinny women. tsk.

iZaynab said...

Preach It ~ ! ! !
iGet that I'm fat alot cause I'm always eating everywhere.
But iEat healthy foods so I'm fat, but skinny. - ____ -
I'm glad that your happy with your weight & bdy though because self confidence is really what is attractive.

Fiona said...

Jen: It does look a bit gross, I agree. O.O And thanks for the follow!

ZoeWrites: Well, I think you should have a little bit of self esteem. I would LOVE to be in your situation and have the ability to eat whatever I wanted because I needed to gain weight, ahaha.

Gabi: It is! :D

Myself: And sometimes health is affected for skinny people too, because I read that if your calorie intake is too little, your body goes into survival mode and makes your body burn as little calories as possible.

Blonde One: That makes sense.
I think that you mean that each person has their own acceptable weight range, and should accept themselves as who they are.
You make a very good point.

Anna: Some people try to fake tan because they think it looks healthy. I understand that train of thought, but I don't necessarily approve of it.
And I totally agree how you say that people should look healthy.
Thanks for the follow!

Angela: It's always good to eat. :D
Unless if it's bad for you. Like a hamburger.

Thinkellen: That guy sounds great. You're lucky to know someone like that.
But people who DO complain about how they feel fat and ugly are so tiring to be around, because you have to tell them they're perfect all the time. ANVLDFJDK.
Society's image of beauty DOES suck.

Fang: Very true.

Lifeslyrics: I agree with what you said. People should try to maintain healthy habits, but they should be able to relax and eat some junk once in a while. (:

Hazel: I don't think that ANY guy would be worth the weight loss, since if they're not able to accept the weight, I don't know how they'll be able to accept the person as a whole.

InnocentlyGreen: I've seen some people who are extremely large, but they eat less than I do. It makes me so sad to see how they're trying so hard but people are still mocking them.
I like it when you said "when you feel good, you look good". Confidence is key.

Hanis: I like your beauty quote. (:
If I were you, I'd lose those pounds, and then show up at the high school reunion a few years later looking absolutely gorgeous.
And then make everyone who made fun of me regret what they did.
God, that would feel so good.

Jodie-Ann: Ahahaha, at least you've got the power to eat anything you want! That must be awesome. :D

Ishashime: It's always awful when someone's confidence is beaten down because of how they look.
And it's good to hear how you're able to get past all of that. That must've taken a lot of strength.

Mayen: People used to tell me that I should lose weight and it really went to my head. Then I was like you, I just stopped caring, and started eating whatever I wanted to. [:

Furree Katt: I agree, because no matter what happens, health is still more important than appearance.

Natalie: LOL, how do their organs fit? Ahahahaa, I've never thought of that before!
Your point on how media affects body issues is really true. I've NEVER seen a large woman star in a movie. (Unless it's a movie about weight.)
I've seen a large man be in one, but it was called Fat Albert, so I don't think that counts.

Leah: "Do it for the right reasons"
^ I really like that line.

iZaynab: I don't think eating a lot gives people the right to call you fat.
And self confidence IS attractive.
As long as it doesn't get to the point of cockiness. Because that's just irritating.

JW said...

My ex-girlfriend worried about her image. She was so beautiful but when we'd watch a movie and have ice cream she'd take less than she wanted because she was afraid what I would think. She didn't even know how beautiful she was.

Anonymous said...

YES!! But, it's not just the overly skinny, too. I've noticed that you can criticize celebrities for being underweight and express concern for their health, but when you make a comment about someone horrendously overweight, let's say, Adele, everyone jumps on you!