Monday, April 11, 2011

friends make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I made a friend today.
I forgot to ask his name, but he's my friend.
Because we had a conversation about how much we hate math.
In the library. While doing math homework.

I would say that I'm socially awkward, but that'd be contradicting myself, seeing that I just made a friend.

I used to think that talking to people was really hard.
I would just feel so awkward and obsess about how to not come across as annoying.
But now, I've just stopped caring.
And it's just so much easier.

On a side note, today our school had this little marathon thing.
I ran it like a boss.
Just kidding. I walked the whole thing.
But running was never my forte.
Because I intend on learning to drive when I'm older.


Anonymous said...

Not caring makes things sooo much easier. Life is just more enjoyable when you're not stressing over what anyone could think of you.

ishashime said...

aww. congrats on that anon friend you made. haha. also, i agree with Ashley. :)

Cece said...

I am EXaCTLY like this. In a group of people I'm the awkward girl that doesn't talk to anyone... Except when I'm around people I'm already friends with... then I'm the crazy one who laughs too loudly. Maybe I should give this whole not caring thing a shot! Hehe

Fiona said...

Ashley: Exactly.

Ishashime: Thanks! Anon friends are the best.

Cece: I used to be exactly you.
I'm not exactly "life of the party" material around strangers, ahaha.
And try it! It made me a whole better person. =]

Jodie-Ann said...

Yay for a new friend :D
And I hate running too. >_> I get tired so quickly. D:

Fiona said...

I know, me too!
I can barely run a mile without stopping. x]

I'm pretty sure I can swim faster than I can run, which says a lot, ahaha.