Thursday, April 7, 2011

i love ice cream.

Ice cream has healing powers.
I feel like ice cream could cure cancer one day.
Not really, but it's amazing how much better you feel after eating it.

And ice cream is always there for you when you need it.
Waiting in the freezer next to the microwavable dinners, just waiting for you to have a bad day so it can cheer you up.

I'm not saying you should go on an ice cream binge.
Actually that's counter effective.
Because if you have a whole bucket, the only thing that's accomplished is you feeling like a pig. And when you're eating ice cream, you're looking for a positive boost of emotions.
Not one where you feel fat.
So when you're eating, you need to have that perfect amount.
One where you feel pleasantly full, but not chubby.

And if you have toppings, kudos to you. Toppings make everything better.


Jodie-Ann said...

LOL! I don't gain weight, so I won't feel like a pig after I eat a lot of ice cream. XD

Jodie-Ann said...

BTW, how'd you get peoples' buttons to be in a square formation? o.O

Ashley said...

I never use toppings :/
I think I might go have some icecream now. THANKS for the craving

ishashime said...

ice creeeaaamm. i absolutely love it. i could have it in every flavor, except coffee since i don't like coffee, much less coffee-flavored ice cream. ugh. haha.
also, the only toppings i like on my ice cream are bananas. i don't like sprinkles. is that bad? :|

Ivy said...

I freaking love icecream! MMMMMM so delicious .... I could live off the stuff, it's my guilty pleasure ^-^ My favorite is vanilla, I know, really plain, but it's sooo good with melted peanut butter over the top.

Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: Bah, I'm really jealous of people who can eat all they want. You have no idea how luck you are. =]
And to make them into squares, you have to resize them in the HTML tag thing.

Ashley: I love toppings.
And the only reason I exist is to make you fat. You're welcome. :)

Ishashime: You don't like coffee flavored ice cream? That one's my favorite, ahaha.
And I only like sprinkles for the visual effect. I normally put strawberries or crushed oreos. Bananas are also super good, ahaha.

Ivy: Vanilla and melted peanut butter, gotta try that sometime.

lifeslyrics28 said...

And best part is...if you're sad while eating said tub of ice cream, it never judges you...just smiles back deliciously.