Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a cold.
Tylenol and cough drops won't make a dent in it.
I'm cranky.
And grumpy.
I hate being sick.

But, it made me happy when my friends came over to check on me.
Even though all they did was eat my food, I appreciated the thought.


Jodie-Ann said...

Aww! I hate being sick! get well soon ;(

iZaynab said...

You know you got true friends when they eat your food :"D
iHope you get better ~ ♥ ♥
Eat chciken noodle soup ~
{ Sike, that doesn't work }

Ivy said...

Aw, that sucks :/ Being sick stinks D:

Ashley said...

Ick, being sick is the worst. Hope you get better soon! :)

My friends do the same when they're over haha

ishashime said...

being sick sucks. get well soon! :)
and yes, true friends eat all your food. you are truly blessed. haha.

The Blonde One said...

I agree with all these other people above me. Being sick does suck.
Get better!! (Not soon. More like now)

Fiona said...

Thank you everyone! =]
It's getting better already ahaha.

ShuShu said...

heyy I like your blog name! :)
being sick is awful! My mum always says: "drink more water" when I'm sick, it works, you know! HOpe you recover soon!

I'm your new follower, btw!


Heather Frost said...

Lol that's funnny that your friends just ate all your food. But at least they came that's all that matters! I hope you feel better. Make sure you're drinking lots of fluids like soup broth, fruit juices and water. <3


Fiona said...

ShuShu and Heather: Don't worry, I've been ingesting enough water to drown in it. =]

Alison said...

I should have come over... but wait I couldn't! you already got me sick!!!!!
Don't worry Fiona I forgive you...