Thursday, April 14, 2011

i'm clearly not an infant. please get glasses.

I don't understand why people call other people "baby".
I get that it's a form of endearment. I do.

But out of all the words out there, can you find a better metaphor to describe me?
Because I really don't appreciate being compared to a pudgy infant that burps milk.
It gives my ego a beating. 

Babies aren't attractive.
They're cute in the oh look how fat his cheek is kind of way.
And I do hope that you're not friends with me because of the size of my cheeks.


Jodie-Ann said...

Haha, I don't call people baby. It sounds weird when I say it. I say babe, but that's EXTREMELY rare. Like a few times a year. XD

Ashley said...

Hahahaha pudgy infant that burps milk. Gross.

My boyfriend calls me "bb" occasionally. Which I don't mind cause it's cuter than "baby". I just find it awkward to call anyone "baby"..

Tom Millson said...

I couldn't live with myself if I started calling someone baby, I can't stand the use of that word on anyone who isn't a baby!

Dan said...

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Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: Babe is note as bad, because it's a bit cuter to say than baby. =]

Ashley: I think bb is cute. And I agree how it's so awkward. Ick.

Tom: EXACTLY how I feel!

Dan: I'll go take a look. (:

ishashime said...

one of my friends call me bb. haha. it's actually funny. and yes, i don't think i would want anyone to call me baby. it sounds weird. i don't think i would call anyone baby either. :/