Sunday, October 3, 2010

i can't throw stuff away.

So I was cleaning out my old stuff that I managed to shove in the corners of my room yesterday. And I realized that I have this dangerous condition that prevents me from throwing anything away.

I call it The-Inability-To-Throw-Old-Shit-Away Syndrome.

It's based on the thinking that everything will give me memories of my teenage years when I'm eighty or something.

Like my sixth grade agenda book. Or a random English essay. Or a random art project I got a B- on. Or my favorite pencil that's sharpened down to a stub.

I'm not able to throw it all away, and it's stacked in mountains inside my closet. Originally, I used it to hang my clothes in. Too late for that now. My random crap has taken over.

It's like a freaking monster. And I'm letting it grow larger with my Inability-To-Throw-Old-Shit-Away Syndrome.

So after a few hours of hardcore cleaning, the only thing I managed to throw away was a old pack of gum and an empty bottle of hand sanitizer. 

I need help.... <3 Fi


theVibeGirl said...

I think I'm the opposite. I will have spontaneous clean-out moments where things are compulsively thrown (recycled, if possible).

... you have favourite pencils?

Kamila said...

I'm not the opposite! Waaah I'm the same as you are.. and now I had your vocab..ah inability-to-throw-ah- I can't dictate everything. i'm too sleepy to do that.. ITTOSA Syndrome? -- initials?

I'm terrible on throwing any thing that brings back memory! I mean it's a junk piling my drawer too... but.. crap.

Let me know if you had a solution on that.

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. My dad and I have this syndrome which frustates my mom. I won't even let her give away my brother's baby clothes and he's already 13.

"But your lil cousins would look cute in them,"

"But this is memory,"


Anonymous said...

well, if you cant throw it away dear, why not trying to give it to some one else instead? To your friends who might shared you memories with the stuff, could actually be a good idea for gifts.

Sam said...

You know I had a very similar illness that I called *The-Total-Inability-to-Get-Rid-of-Shit-From-Ex-boyfriends Syndrome. I had (in my insanity) become convinced that I needed to keep all these letters/poems/photos and such from my ex's because eventually I would end up alone and would require proof that I had once been cared for in order to make me feel better about the fact that I was a spinster. The cure? I got married-my husband found all of it and got really pissed and thew it away. LOL. Perhaps something similar will cure your syndrome?

Fiona said...

@ VibeGirl: Yes, I do have favorite pencils. You know how some write better than others, and others have good/bad erasers. Well, I had an absolute FAVORITE. x] Is that really weird...? =/

@ Kamil: I'm really glad I'm not the only one, ahaha. And the ITTOSA Syndrome is also fueled by my thinking that one day the item will become popular in thirty years and then I could sell it on eBay for lots of cash. :D

@ Hanis: I really love baby clothing. <3 Especially the mini Uggs. They. Are. Amazinggg.

@ Eemah: That's actually a wonderful idea. :D Thank you!!!

@ Sam: I feel really bad for your husband for finding your hoard of things. But you guys must have laughed it off which is nice. (:
Hopefully, but maybe I can have all my junk arranged around my grave when I die. It would be a nice touch. :P

Sam said...

That would be cool too-it could be like an really odd shrine to you and people could come from miles around to pay homage. If you end up doing that have someone take pics.