Tuesday, October 12, 2010

singing toothbrushes.

Some people associate different songs with different memories at various points of their lives.
You might have a special song you relate to camp. Or your ex. Or your best friend who moved to Russia two years ago. Or your pet rabbit.

But I'm not one of those people who do that. But there's only one song that sticks out.
And that is "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson. Random, right?
No. That was the song that was played by my singing toothbrush I got when I was around eight. It was when they were super popular, and everyone had them. Every time you brushed your teeth, it would play the song programmed into the toothbrush and how loud it was depends on hard you pressed down.

So I saw an ad in some magazine, and I was immediately consumed by this desire to get one of those. I knew the only way I would get my parents to buy me this amazing thing was if I used my current Disney Princess themed one until the blue indicators wore out.

So I brushed.
And brushed.
And brushed.
I brushed eleven times a day.
I. Wanted. A. Singing. Toothbrush.

Finally, my parents noticed my new fanatic wear-out-my-current-toothbrush attitude. Even though they were delighted to see their daughter finally caring about her teeth, they were slightly worried.

So they decided to fulfill my dream and buy me one. It was a random grab--one-off-the-shelf-and-pay-and-leave choice.
And the song was Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson.

Sure, the experience was amazing the first few times.
Each time I brushed, my pink brush would blast the song.
I loved it.

But then, a few hundred times later, the song started getting old. I knew all the lyrics. I didn't want to hear the same song, with the same tune, every single morning.

Now whenever I hear that song, I want to throw something at a wall. No, seriously.

I reccommend you don't buy them, unless if you really, really, really love the song you're getting. <3 Fi


Sam said...

Until just now I was not even aware that a singing toothbrush was an option. Wow. That's something to think about. Also this is a funny post. And a little bit random which I like.
Also FYI-I think you should take a little stroll over to my blog and read my last post as it involves you. Ok? Ok good. Are you going there now? Alright good. Kaybye.

theVibeGirl said...

"You've got your mother and your brother..." (LOL, don't hurt me.) The music video for that perfectly relates to what you're talking about, though.

I only ever had a ballerina motion toothbrush. No songs for me. :(

FeliciaShortii said...

Awesome post random but so I'm so who cares. Lol love this post cause i have a tooth brush like that but i was some random song dont remeber the name of it. Check it out is so random please and thank u. awesome blog again

Fiona said...

@ Alex: You have no idea what technology will bring you nowadays.
.... like singing toothbrushes. x]

@ Vibe: Wait, they have motion toothbrushes? That's so cool. :D

@ Felicia: Thank you! :)

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