Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the issue with sticky notes.

Sticky notes. Post-it notes. We all use them. We use them to jot down a quick note or a number, or use them to remind yourself of something important. They're cheap and durable. But you should always buy more than one pad of them.

Because if you have only one, you'll be in a few awkward moments. These first involve you wanting to write something down. However, your sticky note pad already contains important information on it. Now, you must make a choice.

Choice One:
You can tear off the current sticky on the pad and then write down the thing you wanted to write.

You get what you wanted on paper, no sweat right? But it's not that easy. You first need to put the other sticky note that was on the pad in a safe place. Or you need to transfer the information. This would require getting an entirely separate piece of paper or opening your computer to type it down. And this is before you manage to lose it entirely. (Sticky notes are easy to lose.)

Choice Two:
You remember the thing you wanted to write down and keep the pad as is.

Pros? You keep the information currently on the sticky note pad.
Cons? There is a high chance of forgetting the thing you wanted to write down.

There isn't one. So sorry.

Be prepared. Always have two sticky note pads. <3 Fi


Kamila said...

Sorry for not visiting lately... hmmm.. sticky notes.. I tend to use a lot of sticky notes on my books, even if it contains nonsense or if I just want to scribble things when the prof is boring..

I love school supplies..!

Hanis. said...

During study week, my table will have loads of sticky notes to either remind me of the topics I must learn or the equations I need or just motivational words. Wait, more like "You better study or you'll FAILLL" xD. Yeap, that one helped a lot.

Sam said...

LOLLLLL great post this is very funny-until now I had never fully considered this issue-but you are quite right and I have learned my lesson and will go out and purchase multiple sticky pads/post it note pads right now. Hehehe.

Fiona said...

@ Kamil: School supplies are my weakness. x] They're just so amazing... :D

@ Hanis: ME TOO! On my wall in front of my desk I have a bunch of random notes that I never take down, so there's tons of random bits of paper sticking there ahaha.

@ Sam: I'm glad I raised your awareness about the importance of purchasing multiple postit pads. :D

Sam said...

You really have-and I am now the proud owner of THREE postit pads!