Saturday, October 2, 2010


So today, I was coming home from morning swim practice. And then I see this huge sign that was  screaming "YARD SALE!". It even had a little happy face balloon attached to it.

And I have this awkward weakness for yard sales. So I let loose a high pitched scream, causing my mom to slam on the brakes. And causing her to think I'm dying from a combination of exhaustion and overdose of chlorine.

But it's okay. I just want to go to the yard sale.

So we both bust our butts trying to find it. (We both love them.) It didn't help that the sign was one of those annoyingly simple arrows that pretty much points in a random direction. And then, on our fifth cycle around the entire general neighborhood, I realize that the date on the sign was October 1st.

Today is the 2nd.

Happy bleeping October.

And now I hate this month. Even though it has the best weather. Because yard sales trump weather.

Sorry Mother Nature. Don't take it personally. <3 Fi


Kamila said...

Waahh.. pissed next to excitement...!

isabella777! said...

haha wow i would be mad but i couldnt stop laughing at your blog! LOVE IT oh and i love to watch tv online (no comercials)i know a couple more shows if you want to check them out

Sam said...

"But it's OK I just want to go to the yard sale"
this is very funny-it made me laugh. I am however very sorry to hear that you were denied yard sale happiness. That is upsetting on many different levels.