Saturday, October 9, 2010

problems with creative bathrooms.

My family ate out after my swim meet today. Mexican, if you were wondering.
And it was pretty good. I had a catfish fajita which was actually delicious.
And then, I had to go to the bathroom to wash my hands.

So, I followed the  bright neon sign indicating "RESTROOM" among the other neon signs on the wall advertising different brands of beer. (I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but I've seriously never been to a Mexican restaurant that didn't have those. You know it's true.)
And I was met with an awkward dilemma.

Instead of having the normal Men and Women signs, they had these two Spanish words emblazoned on each wooden door. They didn't even had those stick figure pictures.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their attempt at authenticity and creativeness, but I feel that you should clearly indicate which gender each bathroom is which. Just saying.

And yes, I take Spanish. But it's not exactly my best subject, so I still didn't know them. (No, they were not chico or chica.)

So I ended up having to ask a waiter (who actually was Spanish) about which was which.
And after a few seconds of her staring at me clearing saying "Ohmygoodness not another one. When does my shift end?" in her eyes, she told me it was the left one.

Moral of the Story: Please indicate the gender clearly on bathroom doors. <3 Fi

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