Wednesday, October 6, 2010

life is a slight let down.

It took me a lot of deep pre-sleep thinking to get me to realize that,

My life isn't as interesting as I had anticipated.

I know I sound extremely pessimistic,  but I can't really deny it anymore. Like many kids, I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons consisting of super-humans and their super-awesome-sidekicks. Batman went off to fight crime everyday and had this awesome outfit. (On a side note, I was Batman when I was nine for Halloween. Yes, I idolized him that much.) In Buzz Lightyear, Buzz ends up saving the freaking world every freaking episode. Even Teletubbies had cool stuff. 

So my reasoning was that when I got as old as people in my cartoons (like, nine years of age) I would have an amazing life filled with adventures with my talking animal friends and saving the world every few minutes. 
And I dreamed that I would be a hero. I dreamed that little seven year old girls would have my picture on their bedside tables, and say to themselves, "I want to be just like her when I grow up." I dreamed that there would be a day that school would let kids stay at home to honor Fiona Day. (If Columbus could have his own day, why can't I?)

You can imagine my delight on my ninth birthday. 
Nine was my landmark year. It was a year that represented a new life, a new ME. 
And I was let down. Animals did not start talking to me. I did not have a Batmobile, nor did I have a big red dog like Clifford.

This made me think.
Maybe nine is a bit too young.
Feeling better, I decided to wait until I was ten.

And eleven.
And twelve.
And then I gave up. 

And I realized the horrible truth that my life would be boringly real for the rest of my life.
I would still have to do my homework every day.
Animals will never talk to me.
And I will never get my own day devoted to me.

So sad, so sad. <3 Fi


Kamila said...

No no no..fiona.. Your life is boring if you let it to be boring.

I know sometimes we should let the negative out in the open, and I'm glad you share this, but stay positive. make your bucket list of adventure and try new things that you haven't try so you could enjoy life more. good things not bad hobbies.

i had been waiting too for talking animals but thinking of it now, if one animal tried to talk to me it will freak me out.. and your own day devoted to you..? I don't know..

hahah.. hope you stay positive! :)

Sam said...

Dude what are you guys talking about? MY animals talk to me every day-mostly though they bitch about the kind of kibble I got them or bother me about getting them a flushable catbox.
The moral of the story is that anyone who can talk to you can complain to you-so maybe it's best your animals don't speak to you? Just a theory.

Fiona said...

@ Kamil: Thanks, that made me feel a lot better. (:
And personally, I think that talking animals would be amazing. :D

@ Sam: A flushable catbox? They MAKE those? I know they have flushable diapers, but I've heard that they actually clog the toilet, so, dunno the whole thing on that. :P