Thursday, September 23, 2010


So yes, I saw the season premiere.
Not on TV, since we can't turn ours on. (It has a converter box, for when TV went digital.)
On Hulu. 

I really didn't like the ending of the last season, because I feel it got too caught up in the drama, and not enough concentration on the singing. (Which is why we all watch it... right?)
And some parts, you could even tell that they were lip syncing. (The horror!)

I know, we all watch TV for the drama. But in the beginning, I had hope that this would be one of the only ones without excessive amounts of it.
But I was wrong.
Because, like in a cliched TV show, one of the girls get pregnant.
And there's all that drama.

And there's so much boyfriend/girlfriend, breaking up and getting back together, that I couldn't stand it. I mean, it's fine in moderation, just don't guzzle all the screen time having two people make out! This is a music tv show, for crying out loud!

But the premiere was pretty good.
So I'll continue watching it.
But I don't get understand all the hype about it.

Here's a link to the Glee homepage.
Just in case you haven't heard of it before.

Ta ta. <3 Fi

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