Friday, September 10, 2010

swimming sucks.

I'm back from my first swim practice. I'm out of shape. I gained five pounds over the summer. I can barely move right now. I just ate three helpings of food.

 To make a long story short, I simply died.

 I even wrote a poem about it. Ready?

Swimming Sucks.

Looking forward for this day
For a while now
Molded into my mind like clay
September 10th, couldn't forget it somehow
From five-thirty to eight
My first swim practice would commence
I waited at home, just so I wouldn't be late
When I walked in, I should of used my common sense
I haven't exercised for a while
I gained a few pounds to top it off
I should of ran right out of there with a smile
But instead I sat down with my friends, without an itch or a nervous cough
But as the coaches started talking about how hard it would be
I should have realized right there
This isn't where I belonged. Why didn't I see?
We started and immediately everyone started started to share
how much it hurt
how it ached
But we were all alert
Because the coach wouldn't be shaked
by our pleas of help
Work harder, train harder, breathe less
But our arms felt like kelp
An hour left, God bless
Now it's finally over 
I'm home now
But unless I find a four leaf clover
I shall have to plow
Through a morning practice tomorrow
Waking up bright and early at five a.m.
Pancakes, anyone?

Gotta run. I have a FIVE IN THE MORNING practice to wake up to. </3 Fi


JodieeHeartzYou said...

Haha!! Omg... I love swimming though. O.o

Fiona said...

Psh, swimming is fun, but not competitive swimming. D:<

Anonymous said...

True I'm a competitive swimmer it sucks but somehow for idk what reason I still swim good luck with It hope u keep swimm stay in shape and have fun take a day off once in a while though