Saturday, September 25, 2010

i get married.

As of now, I'm proud to announce that I am officially "married".
Yes lads, that means I'm no longer single.

I'm kidding.
I'm getting married to my insane Jewish friend. Her name is Alison.

It started out as a huge joke. But my friends decided to take it to the next level.
Here's the conversation that started it all:

 Cast: (Nicknames are used to protect from creepers)
Me: An not-so-average asian girl.
Alison: An amazing Jewish girl who straightens her hair every day.
Kat: A half African-American and half White girl. 
David: A guy who wears a brown hoodie and has curly hair.

Kat: Alison, sitting next to a guy typically means you are attracted to him.
David: <looks at Alison. who's sitting next to him>
Alison: *insert heaps of denial here*
Me: Kat she's mine. Alison and Fiona, couple of the year. 
Alison: <laughs> Asian-Jew love, right here.
Kat: You should get married.
Me: I'm not buying the multi-million dollar ring.

The next day, I come into school with everyone knowing that I'm married.
And making assumptions.

Before I go on, I would like to let everyone know that I'm completely straight.
I mean absolutely no offense to anyone who is not like me. In fact, one of my best friends is gay.

So, moving on, everyone knows.
And it's quite embarrassing, to say the truth. I was only trying to help Alison out.

Thanks so much Kat.

But it wasn't all that bad.
Alison purchased me a strawberry flavored Ring Pop and proposed to me in a parking lot.
Because everyone knows that a parking lot is the most romantic place on earth.
That is, until we got kicked out by the store owner for "loitering".
Shame on him for not recognizing a proposal when he sees one.
I bet's he's not married. 

We're making it facebook official tomorrow.

Because we all know that it's not legit until it goes on facebook.  :D <3 Fi


Kamila said...

is this for real? hehe...

thanks for following my blog... i'll read more of your post when I'm not busy.. I love the fact you put your books you're reading (and had) on one of your pages... can I copy that idea?? anyways.. have a nice day

Fiona said...

Yea, it is. x]
I know weird people.

And yes, of course. :D I copied the idea from another blog, so go ahead and use it. :P

Alison said...


Anonymous said...
follow this blog!

Willy Foo Foo said...

Hahaha :) lols