Friday, September 3, 2010

welcoming the year with sweaty arms

My first day of school was hot, disgusting, and gross. I dressed smart and wore shorts. Applaud me. Please. A breakdown of my day...

7:50am: Homeroom && English. I was in the awkward situation where everyone knows one another but you. Everyone was discussing what they did over the summer. Exotic places they visited. I stayed at home. When I realized there were assigned seats, I gave a huge thank you to nobody in particular.

WhoKnowsWhen: An assembly. In which the entire grade was required to sit through another attack of rules for the school year. No texting in the bathroom. No wearing slutty clothing. No chewing gum and sticking it on the bottom of the desks. No talking in the hallways. No committing suicide in Algebra.

8:56am: Physical Ed. Health. Fitness. Whatever you call it, I have it second period. For the entire duration of 45 minutes, we sat in a sweltering hot gym, listening to an overly peppy teacher explain the new rules. But we weren't fooled. She was sweating too.

9:45am: History. I had one of those moments where you walk into a class, look around, then just scream in your head "OH. SHIT." Yep.

10:34am: Introductory Physical Science.  The only class I was looking forward too. I heard from the previous eighth graders that you get to burn things. I'm pumped.

11:23 am: Orchestra. I didn't bring my violin today. Drag it onto the already-cramped-and-sweating-like-rain bus in the morning and the afternoon? No thanks. I was verbally abused about it by my teacher, but it was worth it.

12:21 pm: Lunch. Are you ready for a gourmet cuisine consisting of greasy pizza and a carton of milk? Yum.
I sat with people I haven't seen since school came out. Everyone grew. Except for me. Last time my growth chart (a piece of lined paper tacked onto the wall) said I grew, was a year ago.
I dropped my pizza on the ground. When I picked it up, there was still grease on the ground from it.

12:53 pm: Spanish. I forgot everything I knew. I sat, nodding like I understood what the teacher was saying and spent the class wondering how to say "Can I go to the bathroom" in spanish.

1:42 pm: Algebra. I have a cool teacher. He threw candy at us. I got a Starburst. But it melted.

2:29 pm: The Bus Ride Home. I sat at the window seat, trying to avoid the flying objects being thrown above my head. Stayin' alive. That's how I roll.

Now go take a cold shower. <3 Fi

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