Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i can has a dorky movie?

I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid. As one of the many children out there, I was an avid fan of the books, and I couldn't wait for the movie. (I even got a book on the movie at my local grocery store. Don't judge me.)
So I saw it.

And it was one of those movies that are so insanely lame that it's laughing-so-hard-it-hurts-your-gut-and-stupidly-clapping-your-hands-like-a-seal funny. For one, the actors are extremely young, so they're acting skills aren't exactly polished to a shine. One of the sad scenes (When Rowley tells Greg that they're friendship is "over".) I busted out laughing because everything was so exaggerated. From the overly mourning, to the way Rowley stalks away, from the way Greg stood there, it was amazing.

Frankly, I was surprised at the outcome. I thought that it was going to be one of the movies that butchers the entire storyline of the book it's based on. <cough> Percy Jackson. <cough> But amazingly, it portrayed everything perfectly. So kudos to the director.

My favorite quote?

... and I heard the girls talking about how cute Bryce's butt is. I mean, how can a butt be cute? It's a butt. Bahahaha <3 Fi

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