Sunday, December 12, 2010

christmas carols & some.

I wrote a long ranting post expressing my hate for Chrismas carols.
But then I accidentally deleted it all. Oops.

And due to Saturday-afternoon laziness, I won't write it again. Sorry.
To make up for it, here's a goose. 


And a unicorn. 

Did I make your day better? Yes I did. Now you're going to be happy because you just love unicorns and geese with a burning passion of ten fiery suns. Deny it, and the unicorn will stab you to death with it's horn. =D 

I'm just grumpy because it's raining outside. I want snow. Ugh. <3 Fi


CinderellaNeverAfter said...

you hate christmas carols? what about rudolph and his shiny nose?!?!?

Anonymus said...

Christmas carols are the most annoying yet awesome thing. The cheeriness of it makes me smile and grimace at the same it.

Oh yeah, and I love unicorns <3

Kamila said...

yeah.. that is one cute unicorn.. though i never really had an interest even as a child for unicorns... hahah :)

Fiona said...

@ Cinderella: Ugh. Don't talk to me about rudolph. I've heard about him so many times I want to bash his shiny red nose into a wall. =)

@ Anonymus: I agree. The cheerfulness is really annoying when you're in a bad mood. And the bell sounds. Don't get me started about the bells.
Unicorns are kind of the love of my life. <3

@ Kamil: Googling "cute unicorn" works every time. ;D
I have a collection of unicorns in my room.
How can you not like horses with horns on them?