Monday, December 20, 2010



Our school was really pumped about it, since it started snowing on the last period of the day.
Everyone was dancing outside after class.
And my friend Alex was running around saying that it was a Christmas miracle.

Of course, there was always that one kid who was all,
I'm Jewish.

But hey. You don't have to be Christian to enjoy the miracle.

I especially love new snow. I love the feeling of stomping all over it, and knowing that the little boot tracks are from me, not from some random moose or something. 
And I love knowing that I was the very first person to experience it.

Here's a song that I listen to that makes me happy. Like new snow. Tee hee. (:

... and I hope swim practice is canceled. <3 Fi


Kamila said...

i was hoping for snow.... but I know that would be impossible... hmmmm....

Delaney Kay said...

I'm jealous of your snow-recieving. I haven't been in snow. Once. That's what I get for having parents who thought it was a good idea to move to Southern California. I don't think we probably hold the record of the least amount of rain in a year. And p.s. I'm a jew. I be lovin' me some Christmas miracles though. I need one.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading


Delaney Kay said...
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Fiona said...

@ Kamil: You never know. It might be a Christmas miracle. ;]

@ Delaney: That's awful. I live in New England, so we get lots of snow.
But I think it's nice not to get rain. I hate humidity. It makes my hair frizz like an afro.