Saturday, December 11, 2010

my awkward little secrets i don't share.

It occurred to me, that I will probably won't meet any of you in real life.
I don't show any of my friends my blog.
So, might as well tell you about all the little, weird things I do. [:

1.) I live in constant fear of burning my tongue. I reduce microwaving times by ten seconds. I let hot chocolate or tea sit for at least five minutes. And above all, I hate eating cookies "fresh out of the oven".

2.) I've wanted to play the tuba since I was in second grade. That wish was unfulfilled. I play the violin.

3.) Those little printed address labels on envelopes that are addressed to me make me feel special. They also make me feel like I'm in trouble with the police.

4.) When I'm really mad, I kick a wall. It's normally not a good solution.

5.) Before picture day, I prepare at least a week in advance. I practice smiling in any mirror, so I don't have that forced-smile look.
... Yes, someone has walked in on me grinning at myself in the mirror. Yes, it was quite awkward.

6.) I still play Neopets. And to those who are prejudiced about it, I bet I've talked to people twice your age there. So ha.

7.)  I have this habit of counting how many weird looks I get. My current record is 48. I don't remember the exact day, but I remember that it was on a Thursday.

8.) I hate Tuesdays. I can't stand them. Every Tuesday is a bad day.

9.) I've never been in a church before. I'm not Christian, so don't make any assumptions of me being the devil or anything. Never stepped foot in a church though. How weird.

10.) I probably knit better than most old grandmas. 

11.) I think that citrus scented body wash should be banned. Same with grapefruit. And lets get rid of those bottles of glitter. They get everywhere and you can't get them off.

12.) There's a box in my basement that has a dead spider in the bottom left corner. I know this because I was looking for crayons inside of the box, and saw it. This was when I was eight. I hate spiders, so I haven't touched that box since. (I found the crayons though.)

13.) I harbor a secret love for Ke$ha. Ask me about it, and I'll deny it.

14.) I shake bottles of soda and seltzer before I open them. I love the thrill of slowly opening and closing the cap so everything doesn't explode.

This list will probably grow over time, as I catch myself doing some more odd things.

Hope that none of you judge me from this. <3 Fi


Sammu! said...

Excellent list, especially loving #7! Haha :)

CinderellaNeverAfter said...

These are definitely weird, but also very amusing. I like 7 and 13. Haha.

Serena96 said...

hahaaa(: woah,I'm loving this like alot (: it is quite amazing (: Checkk out mine

theVibeGirl said...

1) The first sip is always the scariest.
4) No injuries, I hope.
5) Is that weird? I grin at everything anyways.
10) I wish I were decent at knitting. I tried a few years ago and gave up after making a scarf for my stuffed Bambi.

Hanis. said...

Haha. I agree with 11. I get sick whenever I smell any citrus-smelling thing. And 13. Well, its not a secret for me, I love her openly xD

Tsina said...

3.) Those little printed address labels on envelopes that are addressed to me make me feel special. They also make me feel like I'm in trouble with the police.

I feel the same way. Letters make me feel special. =)

Anonymus said...

1) Hahahhahaa! I also have the same fear- only I hate touching things that are hot with my hands. This annoys my sister, who is the total opposite and can hold anything strait out of the microwave -_____-

Fiona said...

@ Sammu & Cinderella & Serena: Thanks. =D Glad you guys like my weird side. x]

@ Vibe: 1.) I avoid the first sip by dipping my finger to test it. =3
4.) Just a little sore toes. But nothing major.
5.) Is it weird? You tell me! (:
10.) Ah, making clothes for stuffed animals. We've all been there...

@ Hanis: Ugh, citrus. They're so headache inducing. D:

@ Tsina: YAY LETTERS! =D

@ Anonymus: I don't understand anyone with a high heat tolerance.
It's so weird.

Kamila said...

don't worry about people judging you.. they can but don't let that suck you!!! :)

and i'm also deathly afraid of spiders.. i don't know why.. i'm a little boyish..everyone has known me for being courageous or something... and spiders are my kryptonite...

hmmm,... :) thanks for sharing your secrets., those are awesome!! :)
i wanted to learn how to play the piano, i failed, guitar, failed.. realize i just go play rock band for the sake of my interest...

Mia said...

13 all the way! :D