Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hobo gloves.

How amazing.
I can't describe how much I worship these things. No joke.
I know it sounds weird.
But I would sell my soul to fingerless gloves.

They keep your fingers warm!
They allow you to keep doing things you want in life! Like writing, texting, or playing the piano!
They come in stylish designs that will make your friends think you're super cool!
They're cheap!

I got a pair this weekend at the Nordstrom Rack. And they were 20% off. And then another 10% off.
Which equals... a lot of savings.
I think they were about ten dollars.
Not quite sure.

But it's the best decision I've ever made. So go buy a pair. Because gloves are stupid because you can't do anything if you have them on.
Except for snowball fights.
Gloves are good for snowball fights. (:

And now a little song to make you happy...

Oh yeah, we got our first snowfall yesterday! It was when I came out of the pool after swim practice. My hair froze into little icicles. <3 Fi


Kamila said...

hahaha i didn't knew that song... hahahah i think I had heard it though..

hahaha.. i hate that they have dull moments in their relationship.. but oh well they still end up together.. that was nice!!

oh and your main topic was gloves.. i never tried one.. hmm.... I think I won't look as nice as you can imagine when I wear one.. hahaha :)

have a nice day

CinderellaNeverAfter said...

How would fingerless gloves keep your fingers warm? Just wondering..I'm not much of a glove person..

Fiona said...

@ Kamil: My friend calls them hobo gloves. xD I don't think they look attractive on anyone.

@ Cinderella: They cover your hand up to your nail. And I don't think nails get cold. [: