Saturday, December 25, 2010

wishing you a happy holiday.

I'd like to take a break from all the food that I've been eating, and wish you all a happy Christmahannukwanzadan (Hope that covers everyone), or for those who aren't celebrating anything, have a nice day at home. (=

My family and I aren't exactly religious, so when Christmas-time rolls around, we pretty much sleep in, have dinner parties, and enjoy the alone time.
... we sound like such losers....

But I love the holiday season.
I love the lights that everyone has on their houses.
I love the candy canes.
I love the smell of christmas trees.
I love the snow.

So, have a nice one! And if you believe in 2012, we have about two years left to live, before the world explodes, so make it a holiday to remember, bahaha.

<3 Fi


Kamila said...

Merry Christmas...and you have new theme... that's nice!! Cute funny animal stuff everywhere!!

Fiona said...

Thanks! (=
Happy holidays! :D