Monday, December 13, 2010

justin bieber.

Alright guys.
Let's talk.
About Justin Bieber.

When I bring this delicate topic up, about 50% of people I talk to you are like...


They'll go on and on, discussing their undying love for this kid. And they won't stop. 

And then there's those people who are like 

Ew. Justin Bieber. I hate that kid. His music sucks, and he's ugly.

Ok guys. I know this a popular topic of discussion.
On Facebook.
In real life. 

And half of the discussions are always Haters vs Fans based. 

I really don't get the hype about him. He's a good singer, and he's successful at a young age. He can dance well, and he's a pop star.


And here's the thing,
I feel like half the people who hate on him, don't actually feel that way. I think that they're just trying to fit in with everyone by hating on Justin Bieber.
That's just me. I know that there are some people out there that really actually truly hate him.

But look at me.
I hate certain bands.
But I don't go around parading my disgust about them.
I don't make hurtful Facebook groups about how I think that the Black Eyed Peas possess absolutely zero talent and how all their music is just all autotuned crap.
I just keep it all inside.

Go make some real music, ok? Cause yours sucks.

And to clear some things up,
Justin Bieber isn't fat.
Justin Bieber is most likely not gay, judging by the fact that he dates girls.
Justin Bieber isn't ugly. 
Justin Bieber has gone through puberty. 
Justin Bieber is not a girl.  
Justin Bieber probably won't be run over by a train in the near future.
Justin Bieber probably wasn't a hobo who lived in a box for the majority of his childhood.

He's just a talented person who's just trying to sing and make some money.
And his songs are decent.

So stop hating unnecessarily. 

Please and thank you. <3 Fi


theVibeGirl said...

Oh, I hear you. I just can't help but disliking that his situation has caused a conceited air about him. Being surrounded by fangirls at a relatively young age? Definitely getting to his head. (Although I'm sure he's a nice kid.)

No, I don't like his music.

iZaynab said...

Oh hey dropping by to tell you that iHad followed you back~ iReally love your blog & the posts are something iCan relate to~

& Yeah iDon't know why but there is like only majorly 2 sides to the justin thing. But iLike to continue to hate on him :P But iDo like his music though~ iDon't like how he;s over-rated.

Kamila said...

haha go justin bieber.. though I never had any interest for him.. hahaha.. :)