Friday, May 6, 2011

allergies will be the death of me.

I hate spring.
Because spring equates to allergies.
And I hate allergies.
I hate allergies with a fiery passion that easily could bring down a healthy male bull.

... did I mention that I hate allergies? 


Jodie-Ann said...

Haha XD I don't have allergies. o.O But, I know it equates to lots of sneezing and stuff. D: That... really... SUCKS! D;

mayen said...

I don't think you ever mentioned you hate allergies. What gave you that idea? lol

I don't have allergies but I know it's sucks to have one.

Anyway, thanks for following my blog. I followed you back. :)

Jesayka said...

omg. i absolutely HATE my allergies during spring and summer. because my eyes and my nose get so ichy. i HATE IT!

ishashime said...

i'm not really allergic to anything..except extreme cold. which is very unusual. i can't go ice skating or anything without breaking out into a rash or..err TMI? haha.

Furree Katt said...

i hate allergies too. i'm always sick on my birthday (March 6). it's like, an Annual Allergy.
i feel ya sista.


Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: Ugh, sneezing is just as bad as a runny nose.
Last year, I had sneezing fits during finals. It was so embarrassing.

Mayen: Allergies? What allergies? Who has allergies anymore? :p

Jesayka: I'm in the exact same boat as you. Aren't they AWFUL? ABDFLKJDK.

Ishashime: Oh dear. I think that's even worse than allergies. Rashes are just, awful.
I'm so sorry. ]:

Furree Katt: Annual Allergy. Oh god. That's awful.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

*bangs head on screen*

U hate Springs?
I hate Summers.

BTW,COOL blog.

*Following ya*

Fiona said...

Hamza: I hate them both, so it's all good.
And thank you!

iZaynab said...

iLoved Spring.
Then this year iGot allergies or something like that & iKeep getting sun burnt. iFeel you.

isabella777! said...

omg i love my allergies what r u guys talkin about there the best. runny nose irritated puffy eyes, oh and sneezing nonstop man gotta love that good stuff! oh did i mention how full of crap i am . i absolutly hate my allergys they as i quote my brother "suck balls" unquote. lol im issy by the way :) i have a blog to u guys should check it out!!!!!! i would appreiciate that (idk if i spelled that write oh well this isnt english class)

Athena said...

I hear ya. I love when it gets warmer out but, boy, do I ever suffer when it does. >__< Thank goodness for Benadryl.