Monday, May 16, 2011

a quick lesson on the eating habits of cows.

Today I spent an hour explaining why cows don't drink milk.

I seriously don't understand why this is a problem.
Cows drink water. Not milk.

Cows produce milk.
As in it comes out of their udder. Therefore, they do not drink it.
They drink water.

I will repeat it as many times as it takes for people to understand.
Because it's frustrating when people don't even know their basic cow information.

If they can't comprehend the concept of cows drinking water, how will I be able to trust them with the future of the country?
How will I be able to trust them handling my bank account in twenty years?

I don't think I'm capable of doing that.


The Blonde One said...

Lies! Baby cows drink milk. From their moms. So cows drink milk. Ge'ez Fiona. Get it right ;D

BTW. I've re-mentioned you on my blog and you have a permanent spot on the side of my blog. where it says something like "awesome blogs". Actually I'm not sure what it says.

dirtycowgirl said...

Perhaps cows drink goats milk ?

Jodie-Ann said...

I always knew that cows didn't drink milk. I always thought of it as humans drinking pee.

Fiona said...

Blonde One: Wait, really?
Mind blown.

Dirtycowgirl: I've never thought of it like that...

Jodie-Ann: LOL.
Humans drinking pee.
Oh goodness.

ishashime said...

i read your post and i was like: but then what do baby cows drink?" but The Blonde One beat me to it. haha.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I made a cow,eat milk last year.I though she enjoyed it.

Furree Katt said...

ooohhh but who doesn't know that? O.O

Lo said...

hahaha this made me laugh :)

Fiona said...

Ishashime: Early bird takes the worm. ;D

Hamza: Really?
It's cool how you took care of a cow.

Furree: You'd be surprised.

Lo: (:

haze said...

haha! i know right!

i actually thing this post is cute :)

Willy Foo Foo said...

I agree! Cows drink 100% water doggonit! :)

Fiona said...

Haze: Thank you. [:

Willy Foo Foo: Your agreement is appreciated. :D

Lioness Without A Pride said...

I have cows at home! We have two mama cows and three calves and a bull ^^ And the calves drink milk of course, for a few weeks after they're born, but then yeah, water it is.

Fiona said...

That's amazing!
I wish I could raise cows.
They're so cute. [:

lucy said...

Gosh, you are just too funny, Fiona.

iZaynab said...

Its like a hen eating chicken.
- ____ -
But it would be cool if they did feed the milk : D