Tuesday, May 24, 2011

why i wish i didn't play the violin.

The problem with playing violin is that it eats into your confidence.
It's like a greedy little demon that munches on your ego and self-esteem.
Whenever you get a new piece and search it on Youtube, you can find a toddler playing it. And sometimes, they're playing it better than you.

Want an example? Here's one. This is the song I'm currently learning.
She's five years old.

Don't get me wrong.
The violin is a wonderful instrument and it's capable of producing a beautiful tone and even better music.
But only if you're willing to suffer through a few years of torturous high-pitched squealing.

Me being Asian doesn't help my case either.
It's a stereotype that all of us are heavenly at violin.
Well, some of us aren't.

If I knew this was going to happen, I would have learned the bagpipes.
Or the tuba.
Or some weird instrument that nobody knows about.
Anything but the violin. 


Anonymous said...

I play the violin. Its okay, because most of my friends are in orchestra class

dirtycowgirl said...

I took violin lessons at school - only because it meant I got out of double maths.

As a result of my practising the violin became known as the Vile Din in my house.

Felicity said...

Violin <3

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, I actually didn't know about the Asian/violin stereotype. xD

Anonymous said...

I'm an Asian, too.. and I don't know how to play a violin. Harhar.. Anyway, I wanna take some lessons but I chickened out. Hmm.. Can't remember the reason why. So instead of the violin, I took piano lessons..

Yeah, there's this stereotype that when you're Asian, you'd be very heavenly at playing the piano, the violin, the harp, etc.. and also, very skilled in martial arts. Well..so true. Some of us aren't.

Anyway, just keep practicing and learning. Ignore that greedy little green monster. It just wants attention. Maybe he wanna play the violin, too.. LOL..

Fang said...

But that girl's been playing ever since she got manhandled by the doctors in the hospital at birth.
Cheer up, the fact that you can play it is something big in itself!

ishashime said...

darn violin-playing toddlers. makes you want to kick..ehem.
don't sweat it. the violin is one of my dream instruments and i don't know how to play it at all. i envy you since you can play. :|
all i have are mediocre piano skills. haha.

Delilah said...

I get what you mean by "eats into your confidence". I always wanted to play the guitar and when I did get the opportunity,I was on a high for the first few classes, but then it hit me. wham! I had to practice like a maniac to even get the major notes right because my fingers would hurt.
But when you finally do manage to get a little better, there's nothing like it =)
Kick some violin butt! =D

The Blog Writer said...

I can bet that there are people who envy the way you play, too. :)

InnocentlyGreen said...

I may be wrong, but I think the actual stereotype is that Asians are very talented people.
Maybe your talent is something else, not the violin. Don't kick yourself over it, practice makes perfect also.

Jenna said...

Oh, God, same thing here. Except it's the piano.

Doesn't help that all my teacher's six year old student played at Carnagie Hall and is better than me.

I'm not even joking. D:

Anonymous said...

First, I'm glad my comment has just saved some unicorn.
Second, I'm sure you can play this way better than some five year old.
Third, I've actually never heard of this sterotype. and i'm jealous you can even remotely play violin. I can only play piano, guitar... xylophone.... used to play french horn... played a mini accordian once (super easy).... okay so maybe that's a lot. But violin is awesome.

You should play the digerido :D

Fiona said...

Anonymous: Well that's good, because at least you'll be able to socialize.

Dirtycowgirl: Vile Din, ahahaha. That's the best description of the sound of the violin that I've heard in a long time.
But hey. At least you didn't have to go to double maths.

Felicity: (:

Jodie-Ann: Really? I thought that was pretty well known?

Leah: Well, I also played the piano for a few years, but then I realized I lacked the hand-eye coordination so I quit.
And I will continue the violin. I just don't know if I want to do it as seriously as I used to.

Fang: That's very true.
Thank you, you made me a lot better. (:

Ishashime: AHAHAHA. I do want to kick them though. But if you ask me about it, I'll deny it.
Piano is HARD. I think it's one of the most underrated instruments, because you actually need to be really focused to keep track of two sets of rhythms and notes. I'm actually jealous you can play.

Delilah: I heard that guitar causes tooonnnss of blisters, so I admire you for being able to persevere through them. The good thing about the violin is that it's not hard on your body.
And thank you, go kick some guitar butt too! :D

Blog Writer: Why thank you! (:

InnocentlyGreen: I guess that's part of the stereotype too. [:
Thank you, and I will continue to practice.

Jenna: CARNAGIE HALL? Seriously?
Wow. That's... ridiculous.
If I was in your position, I'd go insane.

Blonde One: The unicorn thanks you. His name was Herbert. :D
I heard the french horn is really hard. There are two guys in band who play it, and I saw them take it apart. There are like, twenty pieces to it. O.O
Digerido? I shall google it. (:

alex said...

haha aww, this is funny(:, it's all about practicee haha

iZaynab said...

: D I'm trying to learn how to play.
But yeah, it really makes you frustrated about things like that.
So iJust don't watch YouTube video's like that.
iJust compare myself, to myself.

Kuroneko said...

I always wanted to play the violin :(
And the piano.
Try the tabla. xP
I wasn't that bad at it. :D

Hazel said...

God I want to learn how to play the violin so badly! You're lucky so don't be disheartened by those three year old's. They probably have pushy parents lol